Exclusive to News Weak

Secrets of
Einstein Research
By Sandra Honestly
Photographs by P. Shop September 11, 2005

At last night's celebration of John Norton's completion of his five year term as Chair of the Department of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Pittsburgh, pandemonium broke out, when an unrecognized resource used by Norton in his historical investigations of Einstein was revealed.

"Despite Mr. Norton's suggestion, we will not divide by zero here."

"Don't you think you should add a cosmological term here?"

"Okay I get it, black tie radiation, very clever."

"He hates it when you say Lorentz did it first!"

"What about mahjong? Maybe God plays mahjong with the universe?"

"That should wrap it up for the Unified Field Theory."

"Aw, c'mon, it's my turn for the hat now."

"He was the life of the party, amusing young and old with
hilarious stories of A and B coefficients and critical opalescence."

September 11, 2005.