Navigation Charts
for the Allegheny, Monongahela and Ohio River at Pittsburgh

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These charts show the "sailing line," which is the approximate centerline of the navigation channel. Here is where you should expect barges to navigate.

Maps from U. S. Army Corps of Engineers website

Allegheny River
Monongahela River
Ohio River
Map legend

Sketches of bridges showing clearances

These sketches and photos indicate clearances under the bridges on the rivers around the Point. The vertical clearance is everywhere 40 feet or more. That is ample for any sailboat that is likely to be sailed on the rivers. (I trust no one is planning to sail the Cutty Sark up the rivers?!) There is only one set of side spans in all these bridges that might cause trouble. It is the two small side spans of Port Authority Transit Bridge on the Southern side of the Monongahela River (shown on the left of the sketch linked to below.) They have have a clearance of about 20 feet.

Allegheny River

Fort Duqesne Bridge (46 ft. clearance)
Sixth Street Bridge (Roberto Clemente) (40 ft. clearance)
Seventh Street Bridge (40.1 ft. clearance)
Ninth Street Bridge("Rachel Carson") (40.3 ft. clearance)
Norfolk and Southern Railroad Bridge (40.9 ft. clearance)
Veterans Bridge (51 ft. clearance)
Sixteenth Street Bridge (41.3 ft. clearance)

Monongahela River

Fort Pitt Bridge (47.1 ft. clearance)
Smithfield Street Bridge (42.5 ft. clearance)
Port Authority Transit Bridge (43.9 ft. clearance)
Liberty Bridge Bridge (44.4 ft. clearance)
Tenth Street Bridge (50.3 ft. clearance)
Birmingham Bridge (64.8 ft. clearance)

Ohio River

West End Bridge (66.3 ft clearance)

Source of sketches: Electronic Charting for Navigation, Inland Electronic Navigation Charts, Army Geospatial Center
Sketches at