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Team Turtle

Turtle Distribution Service

Team Turtle

Turtle Distribution Service

Three ambitious turtle enthusiasts in Pittsburgh, PA founded Team Turtle in 1962. Our facilities in Happy Valley, PA contain about 7,000,000 turtles and reptiles at any given time. We breed hybrid and purebred turtles in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. We use advanced breeding techniques based on decades of super-scientific research to create the technology to create exceptionally awesome high-quality turtles. Thanks to the efforts our breeding engineers we have become the premier turtle supplier and distributor in the western hemisphere. In addition to turtles, we also supply and distribute tortoises and terrapins.

We feel that turtles make the perfect pets. They are smart, affectionate, relatively easy to care for and provide a great sense of gratification to their owner. Team Turtle was founded with the dream of supplying the highest quality turtles in the world to turtle-lovers everywhere.

Team Turtle also works to protect both domesticated and wild turtles and turtle-like species so that these amazing reptilian species can be enjoyed by turtle-lovers for many years to come. We also work to promote knowledge and acceptance or turtles and similar reptilian species. We have various turtle seminars to increase the public's understanding and awareness of turtles.

Team Turtle employs 475 happy turtle enthusiasts. We are an equal opportunity employer, with jobs available for individuals of various genders, ages, ethnicities and species. These employees do many awesome tasks and are very happy with their career choices. These tasks include many awesome turtlicious things such as engineering new methods of advanced and efficient turtle breeding, engineering new types of turtle packaging, engineering new types of turtle shipment, engineering new types of turtle food and nutritional support, engineering turtle exercise routines, manufacturing turtle toys and accessories, and our most essential task, the breeding of super- turtles. We also employ web developers, accountants, salesmen, turtle caretakers, advertising representatives, managers, public relations officers, and human resources officers.

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This is a fictional company. This page was created as an assignment for ENGR0011 at the University of Pittsburgh.