Additional Information on exams, piazza, and grading


            Exams will be open-book and open notes.  The third exam will be cumulative, with about 60% of the problems dealing with material covered since the second exam and about 40% on earlier material. 


            Homework assignments will contribute a total of 10% toward the overall grade.  Typically, there will be an assignment every 1.5 weeks. Please show all work that you use to derive/calculate your answers to homework problems.  Problem solving is an essential part of physical chemistry and you are encouraged to work out problems in addition to those assigned as homework.


            Recitations are your chance to ask questions about class or reading material.  So come with questions.  Recitations will also be used to review mathematical methods that are used in the lectures and text.


            Lecture notes will be made available via theWWW.  However, keep in mind that these serve primarily as an outline, and that in class we will often discuss topics in more detail or from different perspectives than presented in the notes.