If you have tried to view HW assignment #1 on the web, you will have discovered that it needs a .pdf viewer. .pdf is a common format on the web, being used by several journals and for lots of other purposes.

If your own computer is not set up to view .pdf files, here is the procedure to do this.

I have written this assuming that you are using Netscape, but it should also work with Internet Explorer.


1. using Netscape go to courseweb.pitt.edu

2. choose the 1st "course", "Welcome to Web courses at Pitt"

3. when prompted enter your user id and password

4. choose external links

5. click on Windows '95/NT

6. retrieve acrobatreader301.exe as instructed

7. find the file on your computer either with wondows explorer or the

find command on the START menu

8. double click to install the program

9. close Netscape

10. restart Netscape. You should now able to view .pdf files.