How to save a Spartan screen image in a format that can be read on a PC or Mac

The background color can be altered by left clicking on the wavefunction symbol menu in the top left-hand corner of the screen and then left clicking on colors. Next, left click on the background. A window should appear that contains the message Main Background Color. Left click on default, white, or black to change the background to these colors respectively or left click and drag on the buttons underneath the red, green, and blue headings to change the percentage of each of these colors in the background.

Left click the wavefunction symbol menu on the top far-left hand side of the screen and click on Print Setup on the menu. In the print set-up menu choose SGI RGB image as the type and under destination choose file. If desired modify the saved image file name with the arrow keys after left clicking on the save name box. Finally, click ok.

Next, left click file and then left click print to print the image on the screen as a rgb file.

In a unix shell window type xv filename of the rgb file. This will open-up the program xv that can be used to convert rgb files to other formats including jpeg, gif, bmp, targa, etc. Then click the right mouse button to bring up the xv controls window.

The empty space in the xv image can be removed. By clicking and dragging with the left mouse button a box used to crop the image can be brought up on the screen and manipulated. Clicking and dragging on one of the squares along the edge of the box with the left mouse button will allow the box size to be altered. When the box is a suitable size, let the mouse button go and left click the box marked crop on the xv controls window.

Save the rgb image under a different format by left clicking save on the xv controls window. In the xv save window left click and drag on the format button to bring-up the format choices under which you can resave the image (jpeg, gif, targa, etc.) By using the arrow keys and left clicking on the name box the new image filename can be modified. Click OK to save the file.

If the image is saved as a jpeg, it will probably suffice to use the default values of quality and smoothing and to simply click ok in the xvjpeg window to save the image in jpeg format.

Note: from Spartan you can also directly save a color postscript file by selecting color post script under type and file under destination in the Print Setup menu. This postscript file can then be ftp’ed to a PC or MAC and printed on the Departmental color laser printer. However, the approach outlined above provides more flexibility.