Jeremy Callinan

Jeremy Callinan - programming, instruction, business development

πŸ’Ό Current research interests include e-commerce, virtual reality, crypto / security, and cryptocurrencies. πŸ—ƒ

βš“Sites and social media:



πŸŽ“ Classes I have taught:

πŸ•Ή Video Game Programming
🎒 Virtual Reality
πŸ“‘ Mobile Application Programming, Introduction to Linux, Object Orientated Programming
βš”οΈ Networking, Computer Security, Database Design, Project Management
πŸ–₯ Office software, Git and GitHub, Project Management, Salesforce, Sharepoint
🎈 Summer Camps, Game Jams
πŸ’‘ Interested in instructing also in: E-commerce, blockchain, crypto / security, and cryptocurrencies.

πŸ“„ Papers

Akamai's Localization Challenge
Allocating Resources in HR
Choices in Leadership Management Communication Styles
Cognitive Dissonance
Detecting Steganographic Content in Images
E-Commerce At Yunnan Lucky Air
EvaluatingSuppliers : Outsourcing Manufacturing
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