ECE 142 Computer Organization

Swanson School of Engineering

University of Pittsburgh

Spring, 2016

Instructor: Jun Yang

General Information

Instructor: Jun Yang, 1111 Benedum
Telephone: x49088
Class Meeting Time: T/Th 4-5:15
Office Hours M 3-5, 1111 Benedum, or by email appointment
Recitation Time: Friday 12-12:50pm (no meeting in the first week)
Location: 226 Benedum
Teaching Assistant: Mr. Amr Mahmoud and Mr. Chang Song
Contact Information,
Office Hours Amr: Monday 12-2,Room: 1142 Benedum; Chang: Friday 10-12, 1109 Bendedum
Textbook: John Hennessy and David Patterson, "Computer Organization and Design, The Hardware/Software Interface", 5th Edition, Morgan Kaufmann Publisher.
Prerequisite: CoE/ECE 0132: Digital Logic


Homework 20%
Quizzes during weekly recitation 20%
Midterm 1 Thursday 2/4 in class (sample) 20%
Midterm 2 March 3/17 in class (sample) 20%
Final April 26, 8-9:50, (sample) 20%

Lecture Slides

Lecture 1: Introduction and Number representation
Lecture 2: Number Representation
Lecture 3: FP Representation
Lecture 4: Adder
Lectusre 5: Multiplication
Lecture 6: MIPS (complete)
Lecture 7: Single-Cycle Datapath
Lecture 8: Pipelining
Lecture 9: Cache


Late homework is subject to 20% deduction in points.

Recitation Material

Course Policies: