ECE/CoE 1896 Senior Design Projects

Swanson School of Engineering

University of Pittsburgh

Spring, 2010

Instructor: Jun Yang


This course is a full-term engineering project involving problem definition, literature search, prototype design, and construction with written and oral reports. The project is a CAPSTONE requirement that allows students to apply the analytical and synthesis skills developed during their undergraduate coursework and to appreciate how different areas of the curriculum relate to each other.

The project is normally done as a team of 2-4 students, and it can be done in more than one term (taking ECE/COE 1896 twice or combining a term of 1896 with an independent study). Each student team identifies a faculty advisor for its project, who is not necessarily the Senior Design course coordinator for a particular term.

General Information

Instructor: Jun Yang, 336 Benedum
Telephone: x49088
Class Meeting Time: Wednesday 1-2:50
Location: 226 Benedum


Proposal 10%
Progress presentation 10%
Final report and presentation 20%
Class participation 10%
Advisor's evaluation 50%

List of Projects

Here you can find a list of projects from which you can select one of your interest. The list may still be updated.

Schedule of Class

1/6 Introduction
1/13 Planning a project and preparing a proposal. Library research plan form. Citation Formatting Guide.
1/20 Library research plan form due today. This form describes, without a lot of details, what you will do and who you will be working with. It also asks for a preliminary request for department funding.
2/3 Written proposal due. Please provide a hard copy and an electronic copy. Please also send one copy to your advisor. Prototyping by Jim Lyle and Bill McGahey. Funding support discussion.
2/10 Proposal presentations (15min/proposal). Please e-mail presentation slides to the instructor by 10am in the morning. A schedule will be posted here
2/24 Topic Lecture: Intellectual Property by Dr. Marlin Mickle.
3/24 Progress report presentations (15min/proposal). Please e-mail presentation slides to the instructor by 10am in the morning. A schedule will be posted here
4/14 Preparing final reports and presentations.
4/21 Final report presentations.
4/23 (Friday) Senior Design Expo.
4/30 Final report due at noon. Copies of the written reports must be submitted to me and to your advisor. Title slide for your oral reports should include team members, advisor, and acknowledgement of any outside groups you are working with. A hardcopy of the title slide is to be initialed by your advisor before your presentation. A copy of your proposal title slide should be given to Angela after your presentation (for the Expo program).

Presentation Schedule