Kevin R. Binning, Ph. D.

Associate Professor, Department of Psychology

Research Scientist, Learning Research and Development Center

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The US Census Bureau predicts that by 2045, the US will no longer be majority White. Racial and social class inequality continue to grow, and, as reactions to the ongoing pandemic illustrate, America's major political parties are increasingly polarized. Similar patterns are occurring around the world. Together, these interconnected trends portend a challenging future.

Through development, experimental refinement, and use of psychological theory, my work seeks to both understand and improve pressing societal problems. I begin with the assumption that diversity is not a liability but, rather, an opportunity. I am particularly focused on issues related to diversity and equity in education. I argue that while inequities in education are partly the result of broad societal factors, they are also driven by socially constructed, day-to-day, and context-specific features of students' learning environments. By addressing these features through in-depth analysis and timely experimental interventions, I seek to understand how to change social experiences to help all people thrive.

Current Graduate Students in the Lab

Beverly Conrique
Ketura Elie
Sarah Kurz

Lab Alumni

Chadé Darby
Susie Chen
Joe Mernyk

Recent Presentation Notes

Mentoring Practices to Promote Trust, Persistence, and Belonging in Academia, SPARK Society Panel on Inclusive Mentoring, Psychonomic Society Annual Meeting (virtual presentation; 2021) Download Slides

Recent lab news

Ketura Elie has been awarded a National Science Foundation Graduate Reserach Fellowship. Congratulations, Ketura!
Chadé Darby has successfully defended her undergraduate honors thesis and has accepted an offer to the PhD program in Organizational Behavior at Cornell University.
See work led by Susie Chen on the benefits of identifying as a science person here.
See a summary of our work on ecological-belonging in college classrooms featured in the Dietrich School Snapshot.

Working paper

Hammarlund, S. P., Davis, C., Binning, K. R., & Cotner, S. (2021, June 3). In an "ecological-belonging" intervention to reduce inequities in STEM, context matters. Manuscript under review. Download PDF


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