Computerizing the ED: Do It Now!


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Computerizing the ED: Do It Now!

Intersection of PCs and emergency medicine

This is the Information Age

Ride the PC Tidal Wave!

Cooperation is Possible

Levels of Computing in the ED

What PCs can do for the ED

Logicare Staged Implementation

Templates for Charting

A Tracking Board

Other PC Capabilities

Electronic Mail - Pegasus

Mosby Electronic Library

Picture from Rosen CD-ROM

Picture from Habif Dermatology text on CD-ROM

“Home Pages” to post infor-mation

Home Pages link to other pages

Search Emergency-Medicine Specific WWW sites

Search the MedLine database through the World-Wide Web

Limited Free Access to Medline through the WWW

Use Internet Search Engines to Search the Entire WWW

Where is the optic chiasm relative to the ventricles?

What does a stinging nettle look like?

Personal Hypertext Notebook

Table of Contents with links

Top of Chest Pain Page


Analyze Computer Capacities and Needs

Develop Your Strategy

Build Your System

Learn From Disasters

Recommendation: Start Now!

Embrace The New Technology

Author: Keith Conover, M.D.


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