MARCH 28,1987

These minutes consist of the following elements: Minutes of the meeting

Report of the Secretary

Report of the Communications Committee

Draft Proposals obtained by the Legislative Committee Draft Proposal of the Bylaws Committee

The meeting was convened at 1030 AM at Pennsylvania State University, Ogontz Campus, Physical Education Building. After Introductory remarks by the Secretary of the Council (Irvin Lichtenstein, Chief, Greater

Philadelphia Search and Rescue) host of the meeting, Dr. Keith Conover, Chairman Pro Tem of the Council assumed the chair.

The Secretary's report was entered in the minutes as read. The Chairman's report was made by Dr. Conover. Additional remarks included discussion of the meeting's objectives and future meetings. The

Chairman formally announced his resignation to be effective at the close of the June meeting. At the June meeting it is expected that the Bylaws will be adopted and officers elected. In the interim period the Chairman will remian the point of contact for the Council's communications with other agencies.

The Legislative Committee reported on several drafts of proposed legislation and/or administrative regulations that have been discovered as pendiing. A telephone communication between the Wing Commander,

Pennsylvania CAP and the Chairman was also reported. A spirited discussion of the proposals followed. The Chairman was instructed by the body to communicate with the Wing Commander, in writing, to confirm the Wing's position that it will not participate in any Pennsylvania Search and Rescue Council activities.

The Communication Committee report is attached. The introduction of attendees followed.

A motion was made by Barton, seconded by Hempel, to adopt the draft Bylaws as interim rules of order until such time as the finalized Bylaws are adopted. Following discussion of the Bylaws and several

suggested changes the motion passed unanimously. The draft is attached. The following committees were formed to report at or before

the June meeting:

Credentials Committee     The Secretary

Pre-plans              Ken Boyles

Training Paul French

Standards/PEHSC Liason  Keith Conover

Nominating          Jeff Mills

Public Relations  Rick Guinard

The following motions were passed:              (maker, second)

Any member of a member organization can particpate on any committee. (Secretary, Hempel)

Any member of a member organization can hold elected office. (Boyles, Mechtel)

That West Jersey Canine Search and Rescue and the United States Coast Guard be admitted as members.             (Mechtel, Weyrich)

That the Southeast Pennsylvania Chapter, American Red Cross be admitted as a members. (Lichtenstein, Mechtel)

The Pennslyvania Search and Rescue Council would participate as a host organization for the SAR Weekend at Laurel Cavern. (Hempel, Secretary)

The Council will not participate in the CAP Disaster Relief Exercise. (The body)

The following statements were made during the general discussions following the agenda items:

Ken Boyles, DER, discussed the DER's plans and capabilities. DER has 71 trained people, 40 have major search experience (3-5 day searches), 25 have lesser experience (1-3 days), and the remainder have experience with "quickies". Volunteers are definitely needed to further DER efforts all phases of search but especially in clue aware ground teams and support functions (overhead, logistics, communications transportation).

Further discussion of the SAR Council's role with the DOH/EHSC program followed. The Training Committee is to meet at the SAR Weekend at Laurel Cavern and will interact with the EHSC Liason.

A new edition of the Inland Search and Rescue Manual is available. The delagate from the Coast Guard stated that inquiries should be directed through his office. The address is: Commandant, USCG G-OSR-3, 2100 2nd Street, SW Washington, DC 20593-0001 ATTN.: Ensign B.A. Evans

The nominating committee listed the following person as candidates: President: Wisbith, Hempel

Vice-Pres.:Guinard, Mills, Werntz, Barton Treasurer: Goodwin, Sassaman

Secretary: Lichtenstein

The Secretary requests that all committees provide copies of their reports, typewritten, prior to the meeting for reproduction. If teh committee intends to provide copies at least 50 copies should be provided of all handouts.

The meeting adjourned until June 27, 1987 when it will reconvene in Harrisburg.