Pennsylvania Search and Rescue Council


The Board of Directors of the Pennsylvania Search and Rescue Council convened its regular quarterly meeting on June 18, 1988 at the Pennsylvania State Fire Academy, Lewistown, Pa. at 10:22 AM.

Bruce Barton moved, seconded by Kevin Parkes, moved to instruct the Council Treasurer to inform those organizations that have not yet paid their dues that their membership privileges have been removed until such time as their dues are paid in full. After some discussion the motion was amended to allow the Treasurer to use his discretion as to the exact wording. The votes being all ayes the motion passed.

Bruce Barton moved, seconded by Joe Weyrich, that the organization known as Search and Rescue K-9 Service, which has been determined to be an umbrella organization and therefore ineligible to

be a member of the Pennsylvania Search and Rescue Council is not a member organization as of the date of this meeting. The votes being all ayes the motion carried.

There being no further business the Board adjourned at 10:39 AM on June 18, 1988.


President Ron Wisbith called the regular quarterly general meeting of the Pennsylvania Search and Rescue Council to order at 10:40 AM on June 18, 1988 at the Pennsylvania State Fire Academy in Lewistown, Pa.             The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as published.

The Treasurer reported a balance on hand of $367.75.

The Membership Committee reported 5 applications for membership have been sent out, none returned.

Public Relations reported no publicity.

Training reported that there will be training at the end of the meeting, a presentation by Gary Derr on mantracking. A seminar will be planned for after the next meeting.

Ethics-no report.

A newsletter committee was formed with Barton and Lichtenstein (Editor). The initial goal is to determine if outside support is avaialable and the practicality of expanding the newslettter into an

independent publication.             Sevberal other items were discussed with concensus readed to:

1. Require that all material to be published be at the Editor's by the first of the month before publication.

2. All material, other than calendar entries, be camera ready 3. All calendar entries be typed

4. NON-profit organizations sponsoring courses, such as Council member organizations, county/state/national fire academies, Red Cross, etc. may list for free in the calendar.

5. Commercial courses, not being offered in conjunction with a non-profit sponsor, may provide inserts for inclusion in the newsletter mailings.

After January 1, 1989 a fee equal to the cost of mailing one issue of the newsletter will be charged for including an insert page. The insert page should be no larger than 8 1/2 x 11 and is one sheet, may be two sided.

Pending the Council forming its own independent newsletter the practice of mailing Council minutes, announcements, etc. with Greater Philadelphia Search and Rescue's monthly newsletter will continue.

Suggestions for a Council logo were solicited and should be sent to President Ron Wisbith. Ron also announced that camera ready copies of the PR brochure will be made available at the September meeting.

Joe Weyrich, chairman of the Legislation Committee lead a discussion of the comments on HB751, currently in the House Conservation Committee in Harrisburg.       After a heated debate the Committee was charged with preparing a draft of a revised bill for Council consideration.

The Ethics Committee has been assigned the task of mediating disputes between member groups by President Wisbith.

A Nominating Committee for 1989 officers will be appointed by the Council President with a report due at the next meeting.

There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 1:30 PM. The next meeting will convene on Saturday, September 24, 1988 at the Fire Academy in Lewistown.

At 2 PM Gary Derr presented an introduction to mantracking.


Disaster Search

The City of Philadelphia's Emergency Management Agency has been requested to locate a building suitable for a disaster/building collapse search during August, or whenever they can. This session is designed primarily to provide the disaster dogs with a search drill but other skills will be needed.

Due to insurance considerations Greater Philadelphia Search and Rescue will be the official host for this operation.


A mantracking course will be presented by Gary Derr for West Jersey Canine, probably during October.