Pennsylvania Search and Rescue Council


Sept. 24, 1988

The third quarter, 1988, meeting of the Pennsylvania Search and Rescue Council convened at 11 AM in the social room of the Fame Fire Co. No. 2 of Lewistown, Pennsylvania, the originally scheduled site at the Fire Academy having become unavailable at the last minute.

The minutes of the previous meeting, held June 18th, were approved as published.

The Treasurer's Report was read into the record by the Secretary in the Treasurer's absence. The Secretary read the report of the Nominating Committee into the record. It was also noted that member of the Board Jeff mills was resigning his unexpired term due to the press of business and school commitments. Following discussion and nominations from the floor a slate was adopted. The nominees are:

President-Irvin Lichtenstein, Greater Philadelphia Search and Rescue

Vice President- Bruce Trego, Vigilant Search and Rescue

Secretary-Kevin Parkes, Shenandoah Mountain Rescue Group (ASRC)

Treasurer-Greg Sassaman, Pa. DER, Bureau of Parks

Board, 3 Year- Ron Wisbith, Rescue 40, J. Weyrich, Juniata Search and Rescue

Board, 1 Year- Joe Thrash, Sommerset County Sheriff's SAR Tom Hirchak, Keystone Search and Rescue

In accordance with the mail balloting procedure each member organization will receive a printed ballot to complete and return prior to the next quarterly meeting. Each position listed has only 1 opening. Members at large of the Board are elected one per year for a three year term, and to fill any unexpired portion of a vacant seat. The Legislation Committee reported that contact had been made with the Hon. E Taylor, M. Veon, and R. Geist of the State House of Representatives. Support for HB751, as modified by the SAR Council's suggestions will be forthcoming. The Council will be redrafting the bill to include our suggestions.

The Newsletter Committee reported on the postal rate considerations and outside support solicitations made to date. Following discussion it was moved by Trego and seconded by Hirchak, and passed without dissent to expend up to $250 of the Council's funds to develop and produce a promotional newsletter. This newsletter would contain material describing the Council's history and purpose,an invitation for new members, scheduled events, "how to" articles, and summaries of the member organizations' resources. Mailing list will be compiled from various sources for the first mailing.

Several designs for a SAR Council patch were proposed. Any suggestions should be submitted prior to the next meeting. Suggestions are being accepted by Tom Hirchak, Keystone SAR.

There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 1:30 PM until December 18, 1988 in Lewistown, Pa. when the fourth quarterly meeting will be convened.