Pennsylvania Search and Rescue Council


MARCH 25, 1989

The meeting was called to order by President Lichtenstein at 1000 hours in the meeting room of the Fame Fire Co., Lewistown, Pa. on March 25, 1989. The minutes were approved as previously published.

The Secretary's report was read into the record. There were three inquiries for membership received and answered. The Treasurer reported a balance on hand plus two dues checks that had been received since preparation of the report. The report is on file.

The Patch/Logo/Promotional Material committee reported that they were awaiting completion of the artwork prior to obtaining bids for reproduction.

The Legislation Committee reported that the draft SAR bill prepared by the council had been submitted to State Representative Mike Veon and favorably received. Representative Veon has gathered a group of bipartisan sponsors for the bill. It is expected that the bill will be formally introduced in the State House within two weeks. Once formal introduction has been completed and a Bill Number obtained all members of the SAR Council will be notified. The committee recommended adding a member of the EMS community to the SAR Board structure in the bill. It was moved by Bruce Trego, seconded by Joe Thrash, and passed to accept such a change.

The following open training sessions have been scheduled by members of the PSARC:

APRIL 14-16,29-30 Allegheny MRG, Ground SAR College Level 1 (Virginia/ASRC sanction), Laurel Hill State Park. Coordinator: Mike Yee,412 462 7285

APRIL 15-16, Rescue40, Urban SAR, ARCO Chemical Plant in Beaver County. International SAR Dog Evaluations, OFDA, etc. Contact: Ron Wisbith, 412 843 5378.

APRIL 30, Greater Philadelphia Search and Rescue, Tyler State Park. Divers, dogs, horses, simulated search mission. Contact: GPSR, 215 233 3360

MAY 6-7, Shenandoah MRG/Maryland Explorer SAR, Simulated mission. Contact SMRG.

MAY 12-14, 19-21 Wilderness EMT, Pittsburgh Contact AMRG/ Keith Conover.

MAY 12-14, Rescue40, Swift Water Rescue Technician 1 (Rescue3 from Sonora, CA), McConnels' Mills Park. $195. Contact Ron Wisbith.

SEPT. 12-13, NCRC Basic Cave Rescue, State Fire Academy, Lewistown, Pa.

OCT. 7-8, NCRC Basic Cave Rescue, Fire College Weekend, Williamsport, Pa. Community College and Fireman's Association.

It was requested, again, that all organizations update their resource sheets, especially contact numbers and addresses. A contact list will be prepared for the June meeting with whatever data is on hand. If you need forms or just wish to submit new data send it to the SAR Council's official address.

The Pennsylvania State Fire Academy has formally added two SAR courses to its offerings. The Academy now offers SAR First Responder (16 hours) and Managing Search Operations (40 hours). These courses can be scheduled through the Academy in Lewistown or in the field through local fire training facilities and community colleges.

It was moved and passed to invite Pat Yessel of Rescue 40 to the next council meeting to discuss her work in Armenia.