Pennsylvania Search and Rescue Council


Sept. 30, 1989

The regular quarterly meeting of the Pennsylvania Search and Rescue Council was called to order at 1020 hours on Saturday, September 30, 1989 by the President. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as published.

The Legislative Committee, Chairman Ron Wisbith, reported that the state representative they had been in contact with has not been responsive since the Legislature reconvened. The DER liaison reported that they had not been approached for an impact statement by the Legislature as yet. It was moved and approved that all member organizations shall contact the state representative for their coverage area and provide the legislators with a copy of the proposed bill and request their support for its introduction and passage. A cover letter from the Council would also be supplied.

The Training Committee, Joe Thrash for Chairman Bruce Trego, reiterate its request or sample forms from each member organization. The goal is to create a standardized mission form package for all Council members to use, particularly on multiorganizational missions. The second specific task is to develop a standardized map reading and coordinate system. Each member currently has a favorite system, whether overlays, military coordinates, rulers, or the letter in the name system. The standard map is to be the 7 1/2" quad, with a coordinate system to be determined.

Treasurer Greg Sassaman submitted the financial report and copies were distributed to the delegates present. Included was a list of the member organizations whose dues were current and therefore eligible to vote in the upcoming elections.

The Nominating Committee, Chairman Greg Sassaman reported and nominations from the floor were accepted The nominees are:

President: Irv Lichtenstein (GPSR},

Vice Pres.: Bruce Trego (Vigilant SAR) Irv Lichtenstein (GPSR) Secretary:

Tom Hirschak (Keystone SAR), Irv Lichtenstein (GPSR)

3 Yr. Term on Board: Martha Ackroyd (Somerset Sheriff SAR)

1 Yr. Term on Board: Ken Boyles (DER), John Goulding (Md. ESAR 616)

Mail ballots will be prepared and must be returned to PSARC by December 1, 1989 for counting at the December 16, 1989 meeting.


Ron Wisbith reported that the final artwork for the Council stationery, logo, and public relations material was nearing completion. The first run of these items is being donated to the Council by printing house. This task should be complete by December meeting.


Joe Thrash inquired whether there was a central referral point for information about search and rescue in Pennsylvania. It was noted that the Council was listed in various emergency service directories and individual organizations were listed with NASAR and local directories. However, there is no central referral point in the state as yet.

It was proposed and adopted that the incoming officers should convene meetings of the council in each region of the state to broaden our contact with possible member organizations.             This practice was followed during the formation of the Council and seems to be needed now that the organization is organized. These regional meetings will either replace or supplement to March quarterly meeting.

The December meeting will be held at the State Fire Academy on December 16, 1989, convening at 1000 hours for the purpose of counting ballots, installing the newly elected officers, and the regular order of business.


Rescue 40 shipped two 30KW generator sets to South Carolina following the hurricane. These were military surplus units.

The International Disaster Dog exercise was held in the Pittsburgh area after several delays and relocations, including changes the day before the drill. Coordination is improving but still needs help according to Wisbith of Rescue 40, the host team.

Managing Search Operations will be taught at Springfield Township High School Montgomery County, PA) on February 17-18, March 3-4 under the sponsorship of Greater Philadelphia Search and Rescue. Cost will $80 for the course, includes books, lunches. Ken Boyles (DER), Joe Thrash (Somerset County Sheriff SAR), and Kevin Parkes (SMRG) will be among the instructors. Application will be made to the Pennsylvania State Fire Academy for sanction as the course is approved for local level instruction.