Pennsylvania Search and Rescue Council

General Meeting Minutes

December 16, 1989


The annual election of officers for the Pennsylvania Search and Rescue Council was concluded during the last quarterly meeting of the year on Saturday, Dec. 16, 1989. The following persons were elected:

PRESIDENT:       Irv Lichtenstein


TREASURER:     Greg Sassaman



3 Year Term: Martha Ackroyd

1 Year Term: Ken Boyles

Current member of the board Ron Wisbith's term expires in 2 years.

The Secretary's position is vacant due to the inability of Tam Hirchak to serve.

Minutes of General Meeting

The regular quarterly meeting of the Pennsylvania Search and Rescue Council was called to order by the President at 1035 hours on December 16, 1989 at the State Fire Academy in Lewistown. The corrected minutes of the previous meeting were adopted as published.

The Treasurer submitted his report which is on file. Members were reminded that 1990 dues, $25, were payable and should be paid before the March meeting.

Greg Sassaman and Lindy Reed (SAVES Team) were appointed tellers of election to count the mail ballots.

The Publicity and Public Relations Committee presented the PSARC brochure for use by member teams. The camera ready copies provide for each team to insert their name, address, etc. when using the brochure for recruiting purposes.

On motion by Hirchak, seconded by Wisbith, and passed without opposition all Pennsylvania SAR Council logo designs, brochure text, patches, and similar materials are to be copyrighted with the members of the Council licensed to use this material in accordance with furthering search in Pennsylvania.

The stationery will be run with the new logo but without an address so that the stock being donated by ARA of Koppel, Pa. will not be obsoleted.

The Legislation Committee reported that State Representative, the Honorable Mark Veon, has requested a meeting with representatives of the Council and state agencies preparatory to formal introduction and markup of the proposed bill. Comments made by Chester County EMS were considered, as were responses by President Lichtenstein and Committee Chairman Wisbith. A tentative date of January 23, 1990 at 10 AM was selected for the meeting with Representative Veon. There was additional discussion concerning disaster search and wilderness search. It was the consensus of the group that wilderness search was the objective of the bill and we should focus on that arena at present.

Training: Vigilant Hose Company (SAVES Team) presented its tentative training schedule for 1990.

Greater Philadelphia Searcz and Rescue is sponsoring a session of MANAGING SEARCH OPERATIONS on.February 17,18 and March 3,4 (4 days) at Penn State Ogontz campus. Registration is $80.

The proposal for a 2 day water rescue class was discussed and left to each organization's local initiative due to the difficulty of holding two day sessions at Lewistown.

Election results were announced by the tellers of the election and published separately.

The meeting adjourned at 1256 hours.