Pennsylvania Search and Rescue Council


MARCH 27, 1993

Editorial note:  the minutes of this meeting I have on file are typewritten but have a number of handwritten corrections that  I believe were from Irv Lichtenstein. I am unsure if the minutes were approved as typewritten or with the handwritten corrections. Handwritten corrections are (in italics and parentheses).

The meeting at the Public Safety Institute at Harrisburg Area Community College was called to order at 1000 hours by President Peter McCabe with distribution of the meeting's agenda (see attached) for the Special Order. With the absence of PSARC Secretary Keith Conover, McCabe volunteered to take informal notes of the meeting to serve as Minutes. There were no objections and no other volunteers.

Eighteen (Eleven) individuals from 11 (nine) PSARC groups were in attendance. (Many groups were in arrrears or not yet members.) The attendance sheet was not found when the minutes were

Standards were considered individually with indepth and spirited discussions occurring for Call-Out Qualified, Field Team Member, and Field Team leader qualifications. These minutes do not contain detail regarding specific discussions or topics.

During a spirited meeting with all groups actively entering lively discussions, a series of recommendations and/or motions were made:

During the course of the special meeting the following transpired:

A motion was made by Irv Lichtenstein, and seconded to postpone consideration of (mail ballot) standards till the June meeting to allow further review and comment by PSARC groups. The motion did not carry. The vote was 9 against, 3 for.

A motion was made and seconded to recommend to the PSARC Board that, at their next meeting, they vote to accept the revised language of standards for Call Out Qualified (COQ), Field Team Member (FTM) and Field Team Leader (FTL). The motion passed. Minor revisions were made during the meeting in the final draft standards for COQ, FTM, and FTL. Note: These were included with the mailing of the May 1993 SAR Communications Net, stamped "Recommended For Approval." (Never voted on.)

A motion was made and seconded to mail to the PSARC membership, revised language from the First Drafts for Incident Staff (IS) and Incident Commander (IC) for discussion at the next meeting of the PSARC. The motion passed. Minor revisions were made during the meeting in the first draft standards for IS and IC. These were included with the May 1993 SAR Communications Net or under separate cover, stamped "Final Draft." Discussion on the Final Draft of the IS and IC standards is scheduled to occur at the June 12 PSARC meeting.

It was recommended (mandated )that within 18 months from initial adoption, and hence forth every three years, all PSARC training standards be individually reviewed (reeneacted). (Recorded notes are incomplete whether this recommendation was presented as a motion, and if so, the outcome of the motion.) (Moved by Coventry, Seconded by Howley. Intent was sunset provision - no vote, no standard.)

The meeting adjourned at 1500 hours.

P. McCabe