Pennsylvania Search and Rescue Council

MINUTES Officer and Directors Meeting

March 5-6, 1994

Conducted At Mills Farm Hancock, Maryland Officers & Directors Present and Time Period Present Peter McCabe               Saturday from 1330 & Sunday to 1230

Martha Geary               Saturday from 1700 & Sunday to 1230

Keith Conover               Saturday from 1330 to 1930

Tom Hirchak               Saturday from 1330 to 2400

Ron Wisbith               Saturday from 1400 to 2300 Others present

Ken Snyder, representing Roy Keiser, PSARC Central Region Saturday from 1330 & Sunday to 1230 Jim Howley, Thornhurst SAR

Saturday from 1330 & Sunday to 1230


New Articles of Incorporation have been approved effective February 17, 1994. A Nominating Committee will be appointed at the March 19 Council meeting to solicit nominees for a special election to be conducted to fill the three new Directors positions.

Reballoting for Officer and Director positions has been completed with those elected to take office at the March 19 PSARC meeting. Elected for 2-year terms as officers are: Peter McCabe, President; Martha Geary, Vice President and President-Elect; Keith Conover, Secretary; and Greg Sassaman, Treasurer. The Director elected for a 4-year term is Jim Howley.


Concerning the PSARC radio licensing situation, a motion was made (Conover) and seconded (Hirchak) to ask the PSARC Communications Committee to make a written report to the Council membership on their findings regarding the VHF radio licensing situation to enable a decision to be made whether or not to proceed with a formal hearing. Brief discussion followed. Vote was unanimous in favor. Motion passed.


Concerning the need to develop a disciplinary procedure process in the Council. A motion was made (Conover), and seconded (Hirchak) to create a disciplinary procedure process for Delegates and elected and appointed officers of the Council. Brief discussion followed regarding language

contained in a procedure used by another group. Materials were revised, read and edited several times to a final version. Vote was unanimous in favor. Motion passed.


Concerning the need to work with PEMA to improve the coordination of search and rescue services in the Commonwealth. A motion was made (Wisbith), and endorsed (Howley) for the PSARC President to write to the Director of PEMA making a series of recommendations to improve SAR services in the Commonwealth by coordinating existing services. A draft letter was read with suggested revisions made. Vote was unanimous in favor. Motion passed.


Concerning existing SAR training materials and curriculum objectives in Pennsylvania. A motion was made (Wisbith), and seconded (Hirchak) for the President, PSARC to write to the State Fire Training Academy for copies of all search and rescue training materials and training curricula to enable the PSARC Training Committee to review existing materials and learning objectives for the three courses. Vote was 4 in favor, and 1 not i favor. Motion passed.


Concerning the need to address existing wilderness SAR training needs for PSARC member units relative to the existing PEMA State Fire Training Academy program, it was recommended that the PSARC Board establish a educational curriculum coordinating committee on an immediate basis with membership including, but not limited to, Ken Boyles, individuals from PEMA and the State Fire Training Academy, the PSARC President-Elect, and Keith Conover.               This recommendation was not in the form of a motion. All were in favor of the recommendation.


Concerning the process of moving towards the goal of mutual aid in PSAR operations, the Board recommended that as the process moves forward to revise existing training curricula at the State Fire Training Academy to reflect PSARC training standards, the Council should proceed with development of a draft operations manual and standard operating procedur guidelines for PSARC member teams. All were in favor of the recommendation.

Action Item

The President indicated that with recent elections and the forthcoming special election for three new Director positions on the Board, there would be reassignments of Director responsibilities with those to be determined. At this time, Director assignments would include Training, Operations, Ethics and Grievances, Inter-state liaison, and new member liaison. One Director would be asked to serve as the Executive Officer. It was also announced that several changes would be made in the PSARC Regional Ranracantativc line in

The meeting was adjourned on March 6 at 1230 hours.