Pennsylvania Search and Rescue Council

General Meeting Minutes

June 11, 1994

Attendance: see Attachment #1.

The meeting was called to order at 10:15 by President Peter McCabe (301-596-5554/ Due to the secretary's absence Peter asked Alan Houck to act as secretary.

The group observed a moment of silence is respect of the loss of Lisa in the line of duty.

A short discussion followed concerning the problems of getting space in Harrisburg to hold the meeting. Date is tentatively September 24. No conclusions were reached.

Quorum: 11 organizations represented by delegates are present, with a minimum quorum being 7 organizations.

Officer/Committee Reports

Secretary's Report

Letters and the minutes from the previous meeting were handed out to the members. Time was allowed for the members to read the minutes. A portion of the letter from the secretary dealing with missing portions of the minutes of the last meeting was read. After a short discussion of the minutes a motion was made by Irv Lichtenstein (GPSR) to accept the minutes with the addition changes as stated in the secretary's letter. The motion was seconded by Steve Houck (SMRG/WEST). The motion passed unanimously.

Treasurer's Report

The report centered on the groups who had paid their dues. There were three changes to be made to the list that Treasurer Greg Sassaman (DER Parks) handed out. Clinton County 4x4 SAR and Mountain/Valley SAR were to be added to the list of paid groups. Vigilant Hose Co. #1 (SAVES) was to be removed for nonpayment of dues. See Attachment #2.

President and Directors Report

President Peter McCabe (MSAR) had a meeting with the Mission Coordinators and Staff of C.A.P. at State College. The meeting centered around IC functions. C.A.P. will be given a short class in our I.C. system by Ken Boyles. C.A.P. and PSARC need to do more with PEMA and training. C.A.P. stated that they are hurting in ground SAR. There was some discussion about the possibility of holding a joint exercise with them.

Regional Reports

EAST: Peter will assign a regional representative within the month.

CENTRAL: (Roy Keiser, 1-717-742-8846 (H); 1-717-742-2319 (W)) Presented a Hug-A-Tree. Did a three day water recovery class.

NORTH: (Nelson Haas, 1-814-486-1784 (H)) Nothing to report.

WEST: Peter stated that Lee Lyons will be replaced as the regional representative in the near future.

After a short discussion Martha Geary (Somerset SAR) made a motion that the regional representatives should get together and write a set of SOPs stating what they are suppose to do; seconded by Irvin Lichtenstein (GPSR) and passed unanimously.


Vice President/Executive Officer Martha Ann Ackroyd-Geary (Somerset SAR) has been unable to reach Bruce Barton despite repeated calls.

There was a discussion of the contents of the PSARC manual. The manual is to include: a) Articles of Incorporation, b) A set of the standard forms, c) The Due Process SOP, d) Training Standards, e) Radio Protocol, f) Copy of the FCC License, g) Blank Resource Forms, h) Resource Booklet, i) Copy of the PSAR booklet, j) Price List. Alan Houck (WEST) made a motion that the group pay to copy 50 copies of the manual and pay for postage; seconded by Irv Lichtenstein (GPSR), and passed unanimously.

Training Committee

Martha has finished a SAR test for the Fire Academy 16-hour Search Responder course. It has been given once as a test of the test. More work to be done on it. [This will be used as a basis to make tests for the PSARC Training Standards. --KC]

A discussion ensued of who in the state should be responsible for teaching SAR (PSARC? Fire? PEMA? CAP?). Peter suggested that this issue be discussed at the board of directors level.

A discussion of the letter that Peter sent to PEMA Director LaFleur followed. [See minutes from previous meeting. --KC]

Communications Committee

(Steve Houck, Chair; 703-257-7659/

ASRC has obtained an FCC license. The MOU between ASRC and PSARC that allowed ASRC to operate under the PSARC license has been canceled.

Bylaws Committee

(Jim Hill [Mifflin SAR; 717-248-5595], chair; Keith Conover [AMRG/NCRC; 412-561-3413/], Joy Hackman [SAVES; 717-789-3632])

There was a discussion of proposed addition of additions to the Name section and new Purposes and Limitations sections of the By-Laws, which were presented to the assembled delegates. Eleven member teams were represented at the meeting. Irv Lichtenstein (GPSR) made a motion to accept these revisions of the By-Laws, it was seconded by Dan Geary, and carried with a unanimous vote. [Note in Editing: because the existing Articles require any proposed revisions to the Articles to be included in the notice of a meeting where they are considered, this vote was invalid. However, it does serve to allow a subsequent mail ballot to be valid. That ballot is included with these minutes. --KC]

Irv Lichtenstein took some time to discuss some items on an amendment to the Bylaws; all information was directed to the Bylaws Committee.

Standards Committee

(Tom Hirchak [Keystone SAR;814-946-0168], chair; Martha-Ann Ackroyd-Geary [Somerset SAR; 814-926-2554], Roy Keiser [STRIKE; 717-742-8846], Jim Howley [Thornhurst SAR; 717-842-9412], with others sitting in from time to time)

Nothing to report.


Short biographies of nominees Bruce Barton, Scott Brothers, Nelson Haas, and Roy Keiser were submitted; Andy Appel was also nominated and will send his biography to the Secretary.

PSARC Operations and Mutual Aid Activities

At this point there was a lengthy discussion of the fact that there is no central dispatch for the state. Each team has to be called separately. This became a problem during the Kirby WV search. There seems to be a desire to arrange for some type of dispatch system.

PEMA Report

Nothing to report.

Old Business


New Business

        The Articles of Incorporation are going to be filed.

        Moved by Irv Lichtenstein (GPSR) that PSARC develop a MOU with the Appalachian Search and Rescue Conference to be allowed to operate under the ASRC license when PSARC needs to use frequencies that are not covered under the PSARC license. Seconded by Martha Ann Ackroyd-Geary (Somerset SAR) and passed unanimously. Note: each of the teams in PSARC needs to have a MOU in place with PSARC to be able to operate under the PSARC license.

        Two letters by the secretary to Mr. Barton were both returned as undeliverable. The letters included the names of the persons for the review panel. In that the letters were undeliverable, it was recommended that the process stated in the 3/23 letter be followed. However, after some discussion it was suggested that the letters be addressed to the new address on P.O. Box 162; Stroudsburg PA 18360. If after thirty days there was still no response the actions in the 3/23 letter are to be followed.

        Peter asked for a motion to make the dues paid by Clinton County 4x4 SAR apply to 1994 [see previous minutes --KC]. The motion was made by Martha Geary (Somerset SAR) and seconded by Steve Houck (SMRG/WEST). The motion carried unanimously.

        Irv Lichtenstein (GPSR) made a motion to accept Mountain/Valley as a member. The motion was seconded by Steve Houck (SMRG/WEST). Carried unanimously.

        PA Technical K9 Search and Rescue still needs to pay their dues.

        Dan Geary (Somerset SAR) made a motion to accept CAESAR (Canine Aided Emergency Search and Rescue) as a PSARC member team. Seconded by Bob Sturgis (WEST). The motion carried unanimously.

        There is no Preplan committee. Peter will appoint one.

        WEST is going to run a full mock search on October 21, 22 & 23. The search will be at Camp Mack Boy Scout Camp on Route 501 in northern Lancaster County, two miles north of PA Rt. 322. Contact Alan Houck at 717-299-6740 or Andy Appel at 717-295-4533 for more details.

        A discussion followed on the availability of 7.5 minute topographic maps on CD ROM. More discussions on a program that Peter has that allows you to fax topos and then do some image enhancements on them.

Board Of Directors Vote

All board nominees from AMRG were disallowed because an officer of the group is already from AMRG (Secretary Keith Conover).

The secretary is directed to put together a mail ballot with the following names (and regions) a) Bruce Barton (NESAR; Eastern Region), b) Scott Brothers (Mifflin SAR; Central Region), c) Nelson Haas (Mountaineer SAR; Northern Region), d) Roy Keiser (STRIKE; Central Region), and e) Andy Appel (WEST; Eastern Region). The secretary is to include the Biographical sketches in the letter. There are to be three chosen from this group of five.

Adjourned at 14:00.

Minutes taken by Don Scelza (AMRG) and Alan Houck (WEST) and edited by Secretary Keith Conover.