Pennsylvania Search and Rescue Council

Board Meeting Minutes

September 24, 1994

Called to order at 1530 hours by President Peter McCabe.

Present: Peter McCabe, President (MSAR/ASRC); Martha Ann Ackroyd-Geary, Vice President (Somerset); Keith Conover, Secretary (AMRG/ASRC); Ron Wisbith, Director (Rescue 40); Tom Hirchak, Director (Keystone SAR); Greg Sassaman Treasurer (DER/Parks); Jim Howley, Director (Thornhurst SAR); quorum established.

Need to appoint nominating committee for elections to take place in the near future. Peter thought that Vicki Coup chair the committee and the Regional Representatives form the committee. Need nominations by 15-20 of October: need to announce nominees at December meeting. Keith noted that the Articles stipulate that the President must appoint exactly 3 members to the Nominating Committee, and Vicki plus the regional representatives would make 5. Also noted that the Articles state that "The Committee shall present to the Council membership at the Annual Meeting a single slate of: Nominees for Officers of the Council /Nominees for Members-at-Large of the Board of Directors." (Emphasis added.) This seems to imply that the Nominating Committee should nominate a single person for each position to be filled.

Noted that the question of misuse of PSARC funds by Bruce Barton is still unresolved. Noted that this is not a quarrel with NESAR, but with Barton individually. Discussed referring it to a magistrate; but this requires going to the magistrate in his county, and would be time-consuming and expensive.

Noted that the misrepresentations and denigrating comments about PSARC teams in GPSR's "From the Chief' publication have gone to many teams and agencies around the country. Is there any way we can "overturn" this to repair the damage to the SAR Council? No. Only time will help.

A reminder to teams that though the Director ballot has to be redone, the ballot item on the Articles is still valid and needs to be returned.

Adjourned at about 1600.

Respectfully submitted, Keith Conover, M.D., Secretary.