Pennsylvania Search and Rescue Council


MAY 20, 1995


The May 1995 quarterly business meeting of the Pennsylvania Search & Rescue Council (PSARC) was called to order at 12:15. The official business meeting was called to order a bit later than scheduled due to lengthy committee reports and discussion.

First order of business was to appoint a "Chairman for the Day" due to the absence of President Peter McCabe and Vice President Martha Geary. A motion was made by Irv Lichenstein, seconded by Any Appel and Roy Keiser, all in favor, none abstained to appoint Rose Keller, Secretary, to chair the meeting.

Quorum: Nine organizations represented by delegates were present, minimum quorum to conduct business is seven organizations. Attendance: See Attachment #1.

The group observed "A Moment of Quiet Reflection" in honor of the Victims of the April 19 Oklahoma City Federal Building Bombing and the efforts of all rescue personnel participating in the recovery effort.

It was observed the new format for committee meetings prior to business meeting is going well. Following are two suggestions by the body to further improve the new format:

1. Start future business meetings immediately following the individual committee meetings, not at a specific time on the agenda. This will allow flexibility in the agenda schedule to lengthen or shorten the meeting as needed.

2. Open the business meeting, then give committee reports. This will allow any motions to be voted on while the reports are being given and will eliminate having to "rediscuss" the topic.

Secretary's Report:

Irv Lichtenstein moved that the minutes be accepted as published, second by Andy Appel, none abstained, all in favor.

Treasurer's Report:

Due to the absence of Treasurer Greg Sassaman, there was no Treasurer's report.

President & Director's Report:

Due to the absence of President Peter McCabe, there was no President's report.

Regional Reports:

EAST: No report

CENTRAL: Ken Snyder requested slides of "your team in action" and specialty services provided by SAR teams to develop an educational presentation program. Ken also announced that he is moving to Florida in the beginning of July and the central region rep position will be vacant.

WEST: No report NORTH: No report OLD BUSINESS: Committee Revorts: Committee meetings took place from 09:00 to 11:30. The following is a list of committee activity reported.

Articles of Incorvoration/Bi-Laws Committee:

Jim Hill, Chair

Report was given by Andy Appel (Jim Hill left prior to the report.) Committee addressed an issue brought to the attention of the Board by Irv Lichtenstein at the January 1995 Board meeting regarding the inconsistent use of the term Vice President-President Elect in Article 4, Paragraph 4, Sub Section B of the By-Laws. It was recommended by the committee to remove the term Vice President/President Elect from this section of the ByLaws and eliminate the automatic succession of vice president to president; all positions Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President and President are to be elected positions. A motion will be made on this later in the general business meeting.

Communications Committee:

Steve Houck, Chair

Suggested PSARC develop a style of preprinted letterhead for all official correspondence which would be controlled by tha Board. Pre-printed letterhead would eliminate trying to work with the different fonts and printer capabilities of individuals. Steve requested that anyone having E-mail or Internet capabilities contact him. The issues of how computer viruses operate and security of information on a computer network was discussed. As the idea of tying teams together through a common computer program develops, it was stressed that teams not having computer capabilities would certainly continue to receive information through the postal system.

Another issue covered was that of teams which have not paid their dues and continue to use the PSARC radio frequencies. If teams have not paid their dues by the end of the first quarter business meeting they are no longer considered PSARC member teams and loose the rights and privileges of being a member.               It was suggested that when sending the annual due renewal notices that teams be reminded of the benefits and second notices for late dues be sent by registered mail. A motion on this would be made later in the business meeting.

It was also suggested that steps be taken to add the word "Incorporated" to the PSARC radio license.

Membership Committee:

Don Scleza, Chair

The Membership Committee sent out two information packs teams to potential PSARC member teams.

Nominating Committee:

Vicki Coup, Chair

Vicki was not present at the meeting. However the committee did meet with the following report. Tlte committee will write a letter to teams in the Western region asking for nominations for a Board of Director member from their region. The letter will also include a form to be completed to illustrate experience, training, personal references, etc. It was determined that a director position is needed from the West to comply with the By-Laws which state that each region should be represented by a director.

Also discussed was election of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer this fall to take effect at the December Annual Meeting. It was recommended that a similar letter be drafted to advise all teams of this and to request nominations.

The staggering of new Director positions was also discussed. It was suggested that the length of terms be based on number of votes received.

Operations Committee:

Ken Boyles, Chair

Not present at meeting, no committee report.

Preplan Committee:

Ron Wisbith, Chair

Not present at meeting, no committee report.

Standards Committee

Tom Hirchak, Chair.

Rescue specialist draft was reviewed with minor changes made to the text. The standard committee will not pursue developing the medical specialist standards at this time.

Equine Standards Sub Committee: Ire Lichenstein, Chair/ Since the last PSARC meeting a revised draft of equine standards was mailed to people on committee for suggestions and comments. There have been no com ments received to date

Canine Standards Sub Committee: Pat Hawn, Chair Not present. Board must clarify the purpose of the standards committee if they are to develop an evaluation or just work with any revisions to be made to the standards themselves. Will the training committee work towards testing?

Trainine Committee:

Jim Howley, Chairman

STATE WIDE TRAINING DRILL WHERE Crystal Lake, Hughesville, PA WHEN:           September 30 and October 1, 1995

Please mark your calendars and plan to participate, more details will follow. There will be a charge for use of the park. Interested participants can buy meals from the park if they do not want to carry their own food. All the details will be forwarded to teams as the drill develops. (The original date discussed at the meeting was Sept 23 & 24 it has since been changed to September 30 and October 1.)


Equine Emergency Rescue Training July 22, 8:30-12:00 Limerick Fire Company, Call Ire Lichtenstein for more information, see telephone numbers following: Please respond by July 10.

Managing Search Operation August 5, 6, 12, 13 19 Greater Philadelphia Search & Rescue, Call Ire Lichenstien for more information, 215-233-3360 (voice) 215-233-2343 (fax)

Managing Search Operation September 16, 17, 30 October 1 Middlecreek Search and Rescue, Contact Randy Maurer (717) 733-1654 for more information.

Managing Search Operation October 7,8 November 11, 12 Mountain Valley Search & Rescue, Call Bryce Boyer (814) 692-.1060 for more information. Must Register by August 25th; cost of course is $9.00 for small paper back book or $30.00 for large three ring binder book.


Mission Reports and Critiques:

WEST reported nearly one search a week for the last month. Reported a search for a nine year old boy which was a runaway situation rather than a missing person. Subject later returned home. There was an Alzheimer "walk away" which was picked up by a passerby, and another search where a subject walked out to a containment team. There was also a search for a 16 year old runaway who was fleeing from searchers; the subject later returned home.

Ire Lichtenstein reported several searches by GPSR; a 23 year old woman who got into a fight with parents and left home, and a minor child who also had a parental dispute. Both subjects were located and successfully returned home.

These "runaway" searches brought up the topic of how search tactics change when you are looking for someone who doesn't want to be found as well as questions of where do you draw the line (in conjunction with police) in searching for a runaway.

Jim Howley reported on activities in the north, where about three of their last five searches where resolved before they got on scene. Also looked for a missing "paint-ball" scrimmage participant in extremely rough terrain and very thick laurel, subject was found later in the day. Also a search for a subject who was found in an urban area hiding in a small barbecue grill.


Motion was made by Ire Lichenstein that the Board be directed to develop a policy to notify teams which are no longer considered members of PSARC that they are: (1) no longer members as of the date of the letter, (2) no longer entitled to use of SAR council materials, benefits, licenses or trademarks; and (3) welcome to reapply at their convenience at any time for membership without prejudice. Seconded by Andy Appel. A question for discussion was raised by Jim Howley that we should be very careful in sending these letters because many times people change within a SAR team and it is difficult for the right person to get the information. Also the council has had situations in the past where dues have been paid and teams are still listed as delinquent. All in favor, none abstain.

As discussed previously under committee reports, Andy Appel made a motion that the term Vice President-President Elect in Article 4, Paragraph 4, Sub Section B of the ByLaws that the term "president elect be struck from the ByLaws. And the sentence that follows relating to automatic succession of the Vice P President i:, the slot of President also be struck. Seconded by Irv Lichtenstein, all in favor, none abstain.


Ire Lichentstein reported he has been in contact with Volunteer Firemen's Insurance and has been discussing SAR insurance policies with them. They currently have accepted a SAR dog team on an "experimental basis".


Finalize previous discussion of jobs for newly appointed directors to have them represent their regions since they are geographically specific. Regional representative positions could then be eliminated using directors as regional contacts. Also consider changing the term of directors from 4 to 3 years so that we can have two directors expire at a time. Clarify the responsibility of the K-9 Standards Sub Committee in relation to development of evaluation procedures.

Respectively submitted, Roseann L. Keller Secretary