Pennsylvania Search and Rescue Council


MARCH 9, 1996



Nine organizations represented by delegates were present, minimum quorum to conduct business is seven organizations. ATTENDANCE: See attachment #1


The meeting was called to order by President Nelson Haas at 1100.


Nelson Haas apologized for the distribution of information for the meeting. Meeting Agenda and Minutes will be included in the SAR Net mailings to save on postage. Mailing will be coordinated between Rose Keller, Secretary and Peter McCabe. Any information to be printed in the SAR Net should be forwarded to Peter McCabe who will write the SAR Net.

Nelson also requested that any information presented at the meeting be kept brief and important points given to him in writing. One of the President's goals for the year are to have the standards published in a book or booklet format that they can be handed out to people who have questions about PSARC.


Martha Ackroyd Geary, Vice President, presented a framed certificate of appreciation to Peter McCabe for his years of service and dedication as President of PSARC.

There was some discussion on the changes within the Hug-A-Tree program. Martha asked that if you are a presenter and have not gotten a recent mailing from California you need to get in touch with Hug-A-Tree headquarters and let them know you are active since they are currently updating the database of presenters. Any changes in the Hug-A-Tree program will be updated in the SAR Net.


Rose Keller, Secretary asked for a motion to accept the December 1995 minutes. A Motion was made by Ron Wisbith seconded by Roger Tobias no discussion, all in favor to accept the December 2, 1995 minutes as published. Secretary had copies of search and rescue team information from Tom Hughes of PEMA. She asked Thai each team present update their database information so it could be sent back to Mr. Hughes. There was some discussion of the meeting of PEMA with Peter McCabe and Ken Boyles on the EPLO/MRC program. (Please refer to previous PSARC meeting minutes on this program for further details on this program.) The updated SAR team resource information is going to be forwarded to PEMA in a condensed form in the near future; a copy of

this was distributed by Peter. Teams present at the meeting, however did update their information and these copies will be sent back to Mr. Hughes.


Steve Houck, Treasurer, stated that we currently we have 23 teams on the roster. Dues ($25.00) should be paid by March 31, 1996. Steve also suggested that we have a customary internal audit of the books since offices have changed hands. Motion: Ron Wisbith made a motion that we have an internal audit of PSARC books, seconded by Irv Lichtenstein, no discussion, all in favor.

As of today's date, Steve received $575.00 in dues paid by 23 teams, and $275.00 in patch sales (at $2.50 per patch). Patches are now sold out. Steve is waiting for final year end information on the checkbook and will present a full treasurers report at the next meeting.

A Motion: was made by Martha Ackroyd Geary to have Roger Tobias and Ron Wisbith work together to research getting more patches made and report back at the next meeting, seconded by Don Sceleza, some discussion followed: Roger's wife works at a place where patches are printed and Ron was instrumental in doing the artwork for the original patch. Rose Keller has some of Ron's artwork and will forward that to Roger, all in favor.


Nelson asked that we work to identify teams in our areas that perform search and rescue services who are not members of PSARC. We should work towards enlisting them as members so that we all work to the same standards and goals for search and rescue.

NORTH: Roger Tobias, Representative, has been working with several teams in the northern area who are interested joining PSARC, the Keystone Emergency Unit SAR from the Scranton area has submitted $25.00 for membership along with their letter of intent to join, Bi-laws. the only thing missing from their information was a resource form. At this time a Motion was made by Martha to vote Keystone Emergency Unit SAR in as a new team, seconded by Kevin Scheirer, no discussion, all in favor.


EAST: None

WEST: None



Jim Hill, Chairman: Most recent changes to the Bi-Laws were made in January of 1995. Copies of the BiLaws were distributed. Clean copies of the bi-laws will also be held by Don Sceleza, Membership Chairman since they will be sent out to teams.

The committee recommended the "Disciplinary procedures" for Officers and Delegates be added to the bi-laws as an attachment, not part of the actual bi-laws.

At the last meeting the committee was asked to review and comment on the PSARC membership credential team roster; this is the form which will list the names and levels of training for each individual on the team) Although the form does not, improve productivity, reduce paperwork, improve dispatch, or serve to validate the resource form; they strongly suggest that we continue with the idea that this is a voluntary form and strongly encourage teams to complete it, since it will lend credibility to substantiate the SAR organization.


Steve Houck, Chairman each team will get a copy of the radio license 1:55 1:60 and guidelines on how to operate. SOP is in place and will be sent to Don Sceleza for distribution to teams with membership information. Steve is still looking for the original license.


Don Sceleza, Chairman: More membership packets need to be made to be distributed to teams. A Motion was made by Ron Wisbith, seconded by Roger Tobias to allocate funds to have about .50 more packets copied, no discussion, all in favor.


Vikki Coup, Chairman; not present. No Report OPERATIONS COMMITTEE: Peter McCabe, Chairman. A question was raised on "how far away is testing?". Peter answered that there is no definite time table we can give, but testing will be a reality in the future. Peter gave an update on the EPLO/MRC meeting with PEMA. He distributed and spoke about the updated team map and the information contained on the back. Dates have been established for EPLO/MRC training. A sample of the condensed resource form that the MRC will use was distributed. Peter asked the group for any comments or suggestions on the form. Mailings will be sent directly to individuals who are involved with the project.

Peter will actively purse attending the meetings at PEMA every three months with county EMA coordinators.


Ron Wisbith, Chairman,


Tom Hirchak, Chairman; Not present. No Report




Jim Howely, Chairman was not present at the meeting however following is a list of training activities listed by teams:

State Wide Rescue Conference November 1, 2, 3, 1996 Sheraton Square Pittsburgh, PA

Wilderness SAR Responder April 13, 14, 1996 Mansfield University Tioga County Fire School

State Wide EMS Conference August 9, 10, 11, 1996 Hershey, PA

Wilderness EMT April 20, 21 May 3, 4, 5 June 5, 6, 7, 8, 9  Oct 19, 20 November 1, 2,3,

Water Rescue Phase I Basic Water May 11, 12 717-595-3885

Orienteering Drill March 31, 1996 Tyler State Park, Long Lane Farm 215-675-9839 RSVP

(Minutes published too late for this drill, my apologies to the team)


Roy Keiser was presented a certificate of appreciation for serving on the board of directors of PSARC (his certificate was not ready at the December meeting)

Rose Keller asked for a motion to destroy (burn) the sealed ballots from the December election of officers. Motion was made by Steve Houck, Seconded by Roy Keiser, to have Rose burn the ballots from the election, no discussion, all in favor.

The group took a break from 1200-1300. Lunch was provided courtesy of Mountaineer Search and Rescue.


Richard Flynn, Director of Pennsylvania Emergency Health Services Council, presented a very interesting program with lots of questions and answers. He compared the difference between the evolution of EMS and the SAR communities. There was a lot of group discussion on how regulation affected EMS. A point brought up by Mr. Flynn was to convince our own SAR community to work together for a particular goal, then reach out to convincing others outside the SAR community of the need for the goal.


No Reports.


(See additional information under Northern Regional Report) Information was given on Mid Atlantic Regional SAR. They are located in the Southern New Jersey area and have about twenty active people and 8 explorers. With all papers in order, as Motion was made by Roger Tobias, seconded by Rose Keller, to accept Mid Atlantic Regional SAR as a member, no discussion all in favor..


Kevin Delesite, of Strike K-9, presented information on proposed changes in the form of an amendment to Pennsylvania's Police dog protection bill which is being presented to the Judiciary committee on Tuesday March 12, 1996. Kevin asked that PSARC support the changes in the bill. A Motion was made by Irv Lichtenstein, seconded by Joe Thrash no discussion all in favor to support the changes in the bill.

Nelson Haas talked of having a public relations committee. A suggestion was made to video tape our next training sessions to use in developing a public relations tape. This will be discussed in more detail at a later date.

The after action incident form was discussed. Some members felt it does not contain enough information, others felt the NASAR form should be used. This form see attachment #2 is being used by PEMA and has been distributed to the county EMA offices for use. Please be sure to forward your after incident information to Carol Prosseda so it can be documented and passed on to PEMA. Carol's address appears on the form. This includes information on any felony searches too.

Motion to adjourn at 3:20 by Nelson Haas seconded by Jim Hill all in favor.

Respectully submitted, Roseann Keller, Secretary