Pennsylvania Search and Rescue Council


MARCH 22, 1997 State College, Pennsylvania

The meeting was called to order at 10:30 am, by President Ackroyd. A quorum was present with 7 delegates attending. President Ackroyd appointed a teller committee to open the election ballots.

The committee consisted of Ron Sadd (W.E.S.T.), Linda Percy (MARSAR), Lee Wray (Palisades K9 SAR), and Andy Hummel, Jr. (Somerset County SAR).

John Miller was asked to record minutes of this meeting. The minutes of the previous meeting were read by President Ackroyd, a correction to the minutes was to change the date of the March meeting, the minutes incorrectly stated the meeting was March 29, 1997. The minutes were approved as corrected.

President Ackroyd announced the resignation of Steve Houck as Treasurer effective January 29, 1997. The financial report prepared by Steve Houck was read and approved. The motion to accept was by Bryce Boyer, Second by Ron Shawley.


The Political Action Committee report was given by Ron Wisbith, see attached course of action. The long range goal of this committee is to obtain a legislative change to get the proper personnel in charge of SAR operations.

The Operations Committee report was read by President Ackroyd, in the absence of Peter McCabe, whom was ill. A copy of the report is attached.

A 15 minute recess was called by the president. The teller committee report was given with 14 ballots received, and only 10 of the 14 having paid their dues. The election results were as follows:

John Miller - Vice President

Tom Hirchak - Board of Director's Peter McCabe - Secretary

President Ackroyd appointed Andy Appel to fill the position of Treasurer for the remainder of 1997.

The Training and Education committee report was given by Ron Sadd. The SAR-EX is scheduled for September 19-21, 1997 in Lancaster County. As of this date, he has arranged for 10 different educational tracks, and several distributors to have displays present. The cost for the weekend will be $20.00 per person, this will include Camping, Food, and Facilities.


There was no old business presented at this time.


President Ackroyd asked for Bryce Boyer to arrange for the dates of June 28, and December 20, 1997 with State College to hold our meetings. A general consensus also agreed that the September meeting be changed to September 20, 1997, to be held at the SAR-EX in Lancaster County.

Joe Thrash presented an upcoming Man Tracking class to be held May 23-25, 1997 at Raccoon Creek State Park (Starlight-Amphitheater). The cost is $185 per person, includes all. Deposit due by May 10, 1997.

President Ackroyd announced a Board of Director's meeting for June 14, 1997 at 10:00 am. The place of the meeting will be State College. The main purpose of this meeting is to establish a direction for PSARC, and hopefully submit a proposed 5-year plan. President Ackroyd also asked that we all attempt to update our instructors with the Fire Academy. They only have a couple listed at present.

Ron Wisbith commented on the change in RESCUE magazine and how publications on SAR info are diminishing.

Ron Shawley spoke on Public Relations, he discussed various information he has received about the making of video tapes, free PBS announcements, and MOODY Broadcasting wanting to do an interview with SAR personnel for future broadcast. President Ackroyd appointed Ron Shawley, Ron Sadd, Ron Wisbith, and Joe Thrash to the Public Relations Committee and also asked them to attempt to tape training sessions.

Ron Shawley also demonstrated products from Cambia County Association for the Blind. He demonstrated many reflective products that would be useful for SAR operations. PSARC members are able to buy these products at wholesale prices.

President Ackroyd read mail from PA VOAD. The motion to adjourn at 12:30 was made by Joe Thrash and seconded by Bryce Boyer.

Respectfully Submitted, John Miller


        Sign-in Sheet

        Meeting Agenda

        Suggested Course of Action - Public Relations Committee

        Operations Committee Report

        Minutes of the previous meeting