Pennsylvania Search and Rescue Council

Meeting Notes


by Keith Conover, M.D., FACEP

Quorum established; see signin (attachment #1).

Called to order by President John Miller at 7:30 PM.

Secretary’s Report

--Peter McCabe, Secretary (not present so report by President instead)

The last General Membership didn’t have a quorum of member teams, but the Board of Directors had a 3.5 hour meeting instead.  Minutes of that meeting distributed.

Amendment (moved by Keith Conover [AMRG], seconded by Don Scelza [AMRG]) that the Voluntary SAR certification program that was mentioned in the last BOD minutes is actually the program being run by DCNR, based on the PSARC standards – PSARC doesn’t envision any separate PSARC-only certification program.  Passed unanimously, without discussion.

Treasurer’s Report

--Carole Manuel, Treasurer

See attachments #2 (Treasurer’s Report) and #3 (Member Teams who have Paid 1998 dues as of this meeting).  A new checking account has been established.

Training and Education Committee

--Ron Sadd, Training and Education Chairman

Dates for the next SAREX May 14-16 May, 1998.  It will again be a Friday-Saturday event.

Membership Committee

--Don Scelza, Membership Chairman

Two meetings ago, we changed the process by which member teams join PSARC – now there are application forms (see attachment #4) and a Guide for Prospective Members (see attachment #4). And, new teams must be sponsored by an existing PSARC member team.  Sponsoring teams must (1) work with the new team to assess their capacities and capabilities, and (2) aid the new team in the process of becoming a full member team of PSARC.

Forms Committee

--Keith Conover, M.D., FACEP, Forms Committee Chair: see report (attachment #5)


-Mike Norris, DCNR liaison to PSARC:

First FTM test given yesterday – 50 question test on basics, based and a practical test – those who pass are awarded a FTM patch.  They will also be offering a FTL test in the near future.

Web Site

Hope to have new URL and new web site in the next few weeks.


New PSARC FCC radio license received, and copies distributed (see attachment #6).  Member teams may use the PSARC license instead of obtaining their own.

Old Business


New Business


Good of the Council

Alan Houck (WEST): 

·        Notes that he’d heard some several examples of improper usage of radios this weekend.

·        If the FCC finds a pattern of abuse of the radio license, they can impose stiff fines.

·        Though teams can use the PSARC license, they are encouraged to obtain their own – and PSARC member teams and officers can provide advice in this regard.

·        Standard for PSARC (as is also for ASRC and Dogs East): PL (CTCSS) subadible tone of 127.3. 

John Miller:  PSARC has the right to tell you that you can use the PSARC license – but if you use your radios improperly, it also has the right to tell you that you cannot use the PSARC license any more.

Adjourned at 8:00 PM.