Pennsylvania Search and Rescue Council

Board of Directors Meeting and Quarterly Meeting

December 20, 1998


Board of Directors meeting called to order at 1035 by President John Miller.

Board members present included: President John Miller, Secretary Peter McCabe, Keith Conover, Tom Hirchak, and Mike Norris. Directors not present were Vice President Joe Thrash, Treasurer Carole Skipper. President Miller announced that Andy Appel, Board Director for the eastern region, and Jay Cooke, at-large Director had resigned from the Board.

President's Comments:

John Miller again reported the role of PSARC Regional Representatives will be filled by Board Directors.

The new PSARC Treasurer (absent today due to a search in their program area) is revising the dues billing procedure.

The development of two northern regions in the Council; the northeast region and the northwest region will require a By-Laws change. This is being referred to the Council's By-Laws Committee.

There was discussion about the Volunteer Organization in Disaster (VOAD) program that is being re-emphasized by PEMA. VOAD programs include emergency services components of the American Red Cross, and other private non-profit emergency services support organizations.

PA DCNR Activities in SAR:

DCNR is considering using a limited number of civilian SAR training instructors from voluntary SAR teams in Pennsylvania. In this regard, there may be opportunities for the PSARC to nominate individuals to become SAR instructors with DCNR. DCNR standards for Field Team Member and Field Team Leader are completed and awaiting internal approval in Harrisburg. Approval is expected in January 1999. At this time the DCNR SAR Task Force is not developing an FTL test.

DCNR is considering development of standards for Incident Staff, and Dog Handler.

DCNR has provided the PSARC with a map of their SAR zones (see attached), and will provide a list of their trained personnel on a county by county basis. Plans are underway for the DCNR regional SAR representative to meet with the PSARC regional representative.

DCNR continues to look to the PSARC to identify other non-Council volunteer SAR teams to both their organization and PEMA.

Future Council Meeting Dates:

A motion was presented, seconded and approved for the following Council meeting dates:

February 20, 1999 at State College May 16, 1999 at Eastern SAR-EX August 15, 1999 at State College

November 21, 1999 at either State College or Western SAR-EX if that is held Financial & Business: Several decisions were announced or voted on:

It was announced that dues statements will be mailed directly to each PSARC member by the treasurer with dues payments to be mailed directly to the Treasurer.

                  It was announced the PSARC account will be moved for easier use by the new Treasurer.

                  It was moved, seconded, and approved by majority vote to place $2,000 into CD's on the following schedule: $500 for 3 months, $500 for 6 months, $500 for 9 months and $500 for 12 months.

                  It was moved, seconded and approved by majority vote that 1999 membership dues will be $25.00.

There being no other business, the Board of Directors meeting was adjourned at 1127 hours.

With no additional PSARC member team delegates present the Quarterly Council Meeting was not held. Respectfully submitted:

Peter McCabe, Secretary