Teaching Company Tapes and CDs: Reviews

The Teaching Company offers a variety of educational tapes.  There are audio and video tapes and now CDs.  These tapes are relatively expensive, but they're definitely worth what you pay for them. Some of the lectures are the best I've every heard -- even with my 15 years of higher education at some of the nation's top universities (University of Virginia, George Washington University Medical School), and being on the faculty of one of the country's top emergency medicine residencies.

If you've ever had to drive long hours in your car, and tried various techniques to stay awake, including leaving the windows open so you freeze, listening to loud music, taking back roads that take more attention, or even pinching yourself, rejoice!. Get some good teaching company tapes, and your worries are over.  I can't believe I'd say this, but the Great Ideas of Philosophy tapes were so engrossing that I could drive for hours in the middle of the night wide awake, sans caffeine.  I know it sounds like BS, but it's true.

In general, their tapes are very, very good.  But there are some variations in the quality, and I thought I'd provide an independent although idiosyncratic review of the ones I've listened to.  Don't ask me for recommendations about others, this is all I've listened to.