The American Chronicles in Bulgaria

Burr (2001)
Lincoln (2002)
1876 (2002)
Empire (2006)
Hollywood (2005)

In 2001, the Bulgarian publisher Ciela launched a uniform edition of Vidalís American Chronicle novels and will have released six of the novels in paperback editions by the middle of 2002. Another Bulgarian publisher has issued a translation of the seventh novel, The Golden Age. The Ciela series began with the first two novels written by Vidal, Washington, D.C. and Burr, and is especially significant because it finally brings Lincoln to Bulgaria. That novel was translated nearly a decade ago, but the publisher that commissioned the translation went out of business before it could issue the book. Three of the Chronicles - Burr, Washington, D.C. and Hollywood - appeared in Bulgaria between 1979 and 1992 (below right), and the new edition of Washington, D.C. restores brief passages that the earlier publisher couldn't print the first time around: a sexual encounter between two teen-age boys, and fleeting references to Russia and Communism. (The old Bulgarian constitution prohibited anti-Soviet and anti-Communist statements.) This new series of novels from Ciela marks the first Bulgarian publication of 1876, Empire and Lincoln. As for The Golden Age: Because another Bulgarian publisher obtained the rights to translate the novel, the book (below), although very attractive, does not appear in a uniform edition that matches the first six Ciela books.

Washington, D.C. (2001)
Golden Age (2002)
Burr (1979)
Hollywood (1992)
Washington, D.C. (1984)

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