Visualizing Creation

Germany, 1986
Israel, 1999
Greece, 1994
Poland, 1988
Poland, 1997

To visualize Creation, publishers usually choose to illustrate with ancient images, although the action-packed German hardcover certainly stands out. One handsome Brazilian edition (below) seems to show an ancient Persian figure on a mountaintop. The German title means "I, Cyrus, Grandson of Zarathustra," a reference to the novel's narrator and his famous grandfather (who is also called Zoroaster). Both the Russian and Polish titles mean "The Creation of the World," a bit of a

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misnomer if taken literally. Below, these Turkish, Spanish and Brazilian paperback editions continue the theme of ancient imagery, as does the Italian hardcover first edition. The book has been very popular in Spain, where it has appeared in various hardcover and paperback editions since its first Spanish publication in 1982. The 1995 Spanish cover promises "a chronicle of the fabulous world of the 5th Century." Only the Bulgarian paperback breaks away from historical and depicts the dawn of creation, taking the title literally. The covers of Julian, however, always tend to depict images of ancient history.

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Turkey, 1999
Spain, 1993
Spain, 1995
Italy, 1983
Brazil, 1990s

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