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The Gore Vidal Quiz - Part 1
Vidal's first novel took place aboard a ship in what body of water?

Jim from "The City and the Pillar" appears in what other Vidal novel?

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The Gore Vidal Quiz - Part 2
Vidal has not owned a home in which of the following places?

Vidal's grandfather, Sen. T.P. Gore, represented what state?

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Welcome to my 30-question, two-part Gore Vidal quiz, through which you can test your knowledge of the life and work of Gore Vidal. Part 1 examines Vidal's writing, and Part 2 examines his life. You'll find the answers to most of these questions on my web pages, although for some, you may need to draw upon some of your own knowledge of Vidal.

The icons to the left and right give you a few sample questions. To begin each quiz, click on the "Take Full Quiz" buttons. The questions then come two per page, and by clicking "Next" on each page, you move on to another pair of questions. Each question has one correct answer (the system won't allow you to choose more than one). After the "BONUS QUESTION" at the end of each quiz, click "Next" for an answer page.

At any time during any part of either quiz, you can return to this GV IQ Quiz introduction page by clicking on the appropriate link below each pair of questions. Or from this introduction page, you can go directly to pages with all of the questions and their answers by clicking "Current Results" under each quiz icon. But of course, that would be cheating.

If you miss a question and want to know more about the topic raised by the question, then send me a note and I'll get back to you with an answer. After the quiz, you can continue to explore The Gore Vidal Index. In fact, if you came to this quiz page directly and don't see a frame on the left, then please consider visiting The Gore Vidal Index, where you can access the quiz along with many other resources relating to Vidal.

By the way, I have nothing to do with the discreet commercial messages that appear on the quiz link pages. Pollit.com offers the quiz templates for free and I'm more than happy to partake of the company's services. The ads are theirs.

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