Mapping Ethiopian Tej Bet

Wikimapia has many Google Earth maps showing the locations of tej bet ("tej houses") around Ethiopia. Most are in Addis Ababa. The aerial shots don't get too close, but the maps still give you a sense of the location of the places.

In most cases, the tej bet is located dead center on the map. Put your cursor over the square at each map's center. Each map will open in a new window.

By the way, the words "tej bet" literally mean "tej house" in Amharic. The phrase can be singular or plural under the rules of Ethiopian grammer (long story).

Here are a few in towns other than Addis Ababa:

Abekelesh Tej Bet in, the Gondar, the nation's former capital. The place is named for its owner.

Deneke Werke Tej Bet in the eastern Ethiopian city Dire Dawa. This, too, is named for its owner.

Edme Ketle Tej Bet in Nekemte. The name means "New Leaf."

Ye Woizero Tenaye Tej Bet in Debre Birhan. The name means "Mrs. Tenaye's," no doubt named for its owner, and the map says "private house, residence."

And here are many around Addis Ababa:

Ahiya Maseria Tej Bet. The name means "The House of the Donkey."

Ato Abera Tej Bet. The names means "Mr. Abera."

Ato Hailemariam Tej Bet. The name means "Mr. Hailemariam," a Christian Ethiopian man's name that means "the power of Mary."

Ato Maru Tej Bet. The name means "Mr. Maru," and the place has been in business since 1960.

Edme Ketil Tej Bet. The name means "New Leaf."

Gedel Gibu Tej Bet. This establishment seems to be rather popular, and numerous patrons have left comments in transliterated Amharic. It's names for its owner.

Gondar Tej Bet, named for the former capital of Ethiopia. A blogger writes of this place: "I've heard once that Asrat, the tallest person in Ethiopia, used to work as tej keji in this tej bet. I also remember this tej bet as my teacher from Addis Ketema used to drink in there, and students used to pay his tej bill to get marks out of him! It used to work!" The website Travel + Leisure describes it like this: "The barnlike establishment features green walls and rows of long, low wooden benches painted the same hue. In this cool, dim oasis, merchants in dark suits chat quietly. The bar has its wine-making operation on-site: green fermenting barrels, shoulder-high, open at the top and draped with burlap."

Kifle Tej Bet. It's named for its owner.

Kitaw Meshesha Tej Bet and Seber Chat Bet. This establishment is also named after its owners. Chat is a plant which, when chewed, induces a mild stimulant effect, like marijuana. This tej bet is also a chat bet, as the name indicates. The map says it is a private residence - not too unusual for a small Ethiopian tej bet.

Megezez Tej Bet, identified as an "old folks hangout (Elsi's house)." The name means "To Indulge," or in slang parlance, "to top up," "to enjoy" or "to have your fill."

Mimi Zenabwa Tej Bet. It's named for a child, Zenabwa, perhaps the child of the owner. "Mimi" is a diminutive for "girl," like "junior" for a boy.

Sar Tej Bet. The name means "Grass," perhaps an indication that the place is rustic.

Shembeko Tej Bet. The name means "Bamboo." The map says: "Other leisure - casino, bowling."

Tobia Tej Bet. The place also serves raw meat - kitfo and gored gored. It's named for the owner.

Wetete Tej Bet. The establishment is owned by Fekade, Elias and Getu Wetete, perhaps brothers.

Wikyanos Tej Bet. The establishment is named for its owner.

Woyin Tej Bet. The name means "Wine," but it could also mean "Purple."

Ye Emama Workinesch Tej Bet. The name means "Mama Workinesch's."