Gore Vidal


by Harry Kloman

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Gore Vidal
Oct. 3, 1925 -
July 31, 2012

FEATURED PAGE: Thumbnail reviews of Vidal's many books and the many books about him

FEATURED PAGE: See some book covers of Vidal in translation

Watch the 90-minute Omnibus documentary Gore Vidal's Gore Vidal: Part 1 and Part 2

FEATURED PAGE: The FBI kept a file on Vidal, and the website Muckrock has published it and made it available for download. Also: The writer Jon Weiner published a piece about the file to mark the first anniversary of Vidal's death.

FEATURED PAGE: The photographer Hedi Slimane took a series of photos of Vidal in February 2011

My foreign editions & foreign search list

FEATURED LINK: Vidal's archival papers at Harvard are now indexed online

Help fund a new documentary about Vidal's life and work

Vidal has a Facebook page to promote his work and views, and it has remained since his death

Vidal has listed his long-time home in Los Angeles for sale. Here are some pictures. The house even has its own web page with pictures.

On The Gore Vidal Pages, you'll find information about Vidal and excerpts of his writing

FEATURED LINK: Here's a link to my own writing about Gore Vidal

FEATURED PAGE: Politics was a family business for the Gore/Vidal clan

FEATURED PAGE: Vidal's comments on the World Trade Center attack and his books on the subject

FEATURED PAGE: Vidal speculates on Abraham Lincoln's bisexuality in a Vanity Fair article

FEATURED PAGE: Vidal says farewell to his Italian villa (with a color slide show) ran a remembrance of Jimmie Trimble, Vidal's first boyhood love, but it includes no mention of Vidal

This site catalogues Vidal's teleplays and where to see them on archival tape

FEATURED PAGE: An essay on Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace: The Newest World Order

German Paperback of 

The GV IQ Quiz on Vidal and his work

FEATURED PAGE: The famous 1968 Vidal/Buckley debates. You can hear, see and download clips from the debates.

Vidal's movie and TV career has spanned 60 years

In the 1970s, on some classic TV, GV met MH2

Some frequently asked questions about Vidal and his work

FEATURED PAGE: See "Gore Vidal" written in Chinese

FEATURED PAGE: My exclusive Gore Vidal interview, conducted in 1991, and reprinted in the book Conversations with Gore Vidal

FEATURED PAGE: Scott Isebrand's Gore Vidal Pages, with links to numerous essays

Another Gore Vidal site, with numerous lists and links

An astrologer has done Vidal's chart in copious detail

Join a Gore Vidal discussion group or read postings

Here's a discussion forum about Vidal

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Gore Vidal 101
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