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by Harry Kloman

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His Own Writing

In his latest Truthdig, Vidal discusses the American police state

Esquire magazine has posted several of Vidal's piece in its online archive

Read the complete first draft of Vidal's screenplay for Caligula (this will open as a separate Microsoft Word document)

Vidal's 2008 controversy: Is he a racist? In three parts, so far: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

His "obituary" for William F. Buckley

Vidal comments on John McCain and the 2008 election

Read and hear Vidal's 2006 State of the Union address

Here is Vidal's April 2007 brief Truthdig essay on Bush

Vidal reflects on impeaching George Bush

Read Creation in Bulgarian, or download it as a zip file

FEATURED PAGE: Read Vidal's February 2006 essay on Bush

Vidal writes about the stolen Ohio presidential election

FEATURED PAGE: Vidal speculates on Abraham Lincoln's bisexuality in a Vanity Fair article

In this introduction to a book by Robert Scheer, Vidal discusses America and empire

The Paris Review has puts its lengthy fall 1974 interview with Vidal online (PDF format)

Here's an image of a handwritten manuscript page from Vidal's Myra Breckinridge

Read a transcript of Vidal's appearance on Bill Maher's Real Time on HBO, May 19, 2005, or you can watch 20 minutes of video clips

Here is Vidal's 2004 State of the Union essay from The Nation

Read the essay The Shredding of the Bill of Rights

Read the first chapter of Inventing a Nation (NYT registration required)

Read the first chapter of The Smithsonian Institution (NYT registration required)

Read the first chapter of The Essential Gore Vidal, including an excerpt from The City and the Pillar and Vidal's introduction to the revised edition (NYT registration required)

Read the first chapter of The Golden Age (NYT registration required)

In February 2005, Vidal wrote about James Purdy for The New York Times Book Review (NYT registration required)

Vidal wrote We Are the Patriots for The Nation in June 2003. This site also reprints the essay

FEATURED PAGE: Vidal's controversial essay on the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks (the lead essay in his book Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace)

FEATURED PAGE: Vidal's second essay on the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks (the lead essay in his book Dreaming War)

Vidal wrote an essay on H.L. Mencken

FEATURED PAGE: Vidal's essay on the McVeigh execution

Here's a short piece about "the new war on freedom"

Some Vidal quotes on atheism, and then some quotes on religion, a favorite topic of his

Some general quotes from Vidal

A collection of piquant quotations

Here are some witty quotes from Vidal, and another page of quotes, and yet another page and still more quotes and even more quotes and then still more

A New York Times essay on legalizing drugs

Here's a large collection of excerpts from various essays (scroll down)

Searh for Vidal's writing in The Nation by entering his name in the search engine (top left)

In The Nation, Vidal writes about the 2000 presidential election and on a December 2001 NY Times investigation of the election

Vidal debates Pearl Harbor

Here's a lengthy piece on the work of Sinclair Lewis

Vidal reviews three novels by Isabel Bolton

Vidal reviews a book by John Hersey

Vidal writes about Theodore Roosevelt: An American Sissy

FEATURED PAGE: Here you can read Vidal's controversial foreword to Israel Shahak's Jewish History, Jewish Religion

A list of Vidal's pieces in The NY Review of Books

Robert Graves and the Twelve Caesars, a 1959 essay

A review of the complete works of Montaigne, from the Times Literary Supplement

A memorable 1992 essay: Monotheism and Its Discontents, and a shorter version of the same essay

And yet another version of the above, this time called American First? America Last? America at Last?

Vidal writes about Calvino's novels and Calvino's death

Vidal's influential essay on Dawn Powell

Vidal on writing and the Internet

Vidal writes about our corrupt system

Vidal's odd insight on sexual pet names

Vidal's reading list

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