Gore Vidal


by Harry Kloman

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Some Audio
And Video Clips

Watch the 90-minute Omnibus documentary Gore Vidal's Gore Vidal: Part 1 and Part 2

Vidal did a long interview in August 2011 with Al Jazeera

Hear Vidal in conversation with Jay Parini in 2009

Vidal talked with Bill Maher on his Real Time program in April 2009 - Part 1 and Part 2

Vidal goes one on one with Bill Maher, and Truthdig has the video

Vidal talks about the state of the union, May 2008, on Democracy Now

Vidal talks about his first memoir, Palimpsest, in this 1995 interview.

Here are two October 2006 radio appearances: On WBAI, and on Air America

Read and hear Vidal's 2006 State of the Union address

Here's a one hour, 40 minute video of Vidal speaking at UCLA in 2003

Read and watch Vidal's February 2006 Australian television interview with former Aussie politician Bob Carr

Vidal and author Dennis Altman discuss Altman's book on Vidal at a Los Angeles bookstore

Dennis Altman discussed his book on Australian radio in January 2006

Read about Gary Conklin's documentary of Vidal's 1982 Senate race and watch a film clip

In October 2005, Vidal spent an hour on Nation Radio talking about politics

Watch Vidal on Aussie TV in February 2005, or you can read the transcript

Vidal talks about the 2004 election in a November 2004 radio interview

Vidal helps a German TV spot criticize America for Bush and hurricane relief

Here's video on the 2004 elections

Vidal chats on Hot Talk from Cal Poly

Vidal attends a campus forum at Cal Poly

Vidal discusses a revival of his play On the March to the Sea (last 17 minutes)

Listen to or watch Vidal at Harvard in 2003

Watch an 80-minute January 2004 interview on stage in Seattle

Watch 20 minutes of video clips from Vidal's May 2005 appearance on Bill Maher's HBO program, or read the transcript of the show

Vidal discusses the 2004 presidential election four days before balloting

On Democracy Now, Vidal talks about Bush's 2005 inaugural address

Vidal talks about the mind of the terrorist on Australian radio

Vidal spent 90 minutes discussing his work on C-SPAN's Book TV

Here's a TV discussion on the Patriot Act

Listen to some radio shows that Vidal did on WBAI radio in New York in 2004, ranging in length from one to four hours. The shows of Feb. 22, March 28, and April 28 last one hour, and the May 23 show is about four hours.

With Dinesh D'Souza and others, Vidal discusses enemies of the state

Watch numerous video clips from the documentary The Education of Gore Vidal, a PBS documentary

The BBC's Hardtalk aired a 2003 interview with Vidal

Vidal speaks at the National Constitution Center

Here are three more BBC interview clips

Hear and see Vidal talk about the "United States of Amnesia" on May 21, 2004, and again on June 4, 2004

See and hear Vidal discuss Sept. 11 on Norwegian television

Vidal makes predictions for the Bush presidency

An interview on a Dublin radio station

Here's a 35-minute chat from 1992

Vidal, on the radio, discusses The Golden Age

This is another radio interview about The Golden Age

Vidal, on the radio, discusses The Smithsonian Institution

Louis Auchincloss discusses Vidal's memoir on National Public Radio

Vidal reads from The Golden Age

See Vidal talk about the American empire (Buy the video!)

Fred Kaplan reads from his book Gore Vidal: A Biography

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