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by Harry Kloman

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Some Interviews
And Reports

Vidal talked to The Atlantic, a publication in which he rarely appears, in October 2008

On a 2008 tour of Europe, Vidal discussed the American presidential election and more with a U.K. newspaper

Dubbed "the lion in winter," Vidal talks to a British newspaper in June 2007

The new online U.K. magazine Polari interviewed Vidal in April 2009

After decades of feuding, Vidal and Norman Mailer buried the hatched and did an interview together for Esquire

The Paris Review has puts its lengthy fall 1974 interview with Vidal online (PDF format)

The Los Angeles Times did a big feature profile of Vidal in April 2006

Here's a lengthy interview from 1985

In July 2006, Vidal talked to The Progressive

Counterpunch published a report on Vidal's trip to Cuba in 2006, and it was followed by a part 2, and preceded by an interview conducted during his visit

Vidal gets a bit cagey in an April 2006 chat when an interviewer gets personal

Vidal attends a symposium on his work at Yale

Vidal's two-part interview on Truthdig covered the Oscars and politics

Here's a political interview from Minneapolis City Pages published in March 2005

Vidal appeared on the cover of A&U magazine in August 2005

FEATURED PAGE: My exclusive Gore Vidal interview, conducted in 1991

A writer gets a call from Vidal and reflects on him years later

Vidal discusses a range of things in More from Gore

In A&U magazine, Vidal talks about AIDS and other matters

You can read or listen to a November 2004 interview on imperial America

Here's a long post-Sept. 11 interview from Salon.

Vidal discusses Thomas Jefferson at length

Here are links to two Sept. 11 discussions between Vidal, Dinesh D'Souza and Robert Higgins

Here's a interview by Christine Smith from December 2005

Two reporters chatted with Vidal on Democracy Now radio in 2004

Marc Cooper talks to America's last defender

Here's a transcript of a May 2002 radio interview

An interview for the 2001 Prague Writers' Festival

An interview from the 2001 Edinburgh International Book Festival

Vidal answered questions on-line for USA Today on April 12, 2002, and again on Jan. 30, 2003

Vidal talks about being censored in the U.S.

From 1992, Vidal discusses Parker Tyler et al

Vidal answers people questions

This 1992 about Parker Tyler appeared in Gay Community News

From 1986, a Vidal interview

Vidal discusses the American psyche

A Salon interview

From 2000, a transcript of a radio show from the Commonwealth Club

Erica Jong visits Vidal in Italy

Another Salon piece, The Other Gore

Some more of the quotable Vidal

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