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by Harry Kloman

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Vidal's entry in an online literary dictionary

Vidal's entry in the Uncyclopedia, a satirical version of Wikipedia

Vidal and Dominick Dunne feud in print

A pair of musician brothers recorded a song and video inspired by their reading of Vidal's Julian

In an essay on historical revisionism, Jeff Riggenbach discusses Vidal's Chronicles

A roundup of reviews of Point to Point Navigation at Metacritic (scroll down)

Vidal discusses Thomas Jefferson

Did Rod Serling steal from Vidal?

Here's a Yahoo index with hundreds of clickable photos

A Salon article debunking Vidal and others on FDR and Pearl Harbor and a defense of Vidal's views

Guess what? One genealogist demonstrates that Al Gore & Gore Vidal may not be related (scroll down), and another genealogist agrees

Author/actress Christine Smith has interviewed Vidal and has a tribute page with her work on him

Writer Kevin Brown reminisces about his long history with Vidal

Preacher Vidal gets made up for a movie role

FEATURED PAGE: See pictures of The Gore Vidal Suite at the Oriental Hotel in Thailand

Here's a Finnish mini-site, in English

Here's a colorful Myra movie site where you can "chat with Myra" (whatever that means)

This site contains loads of information about Myra Breckinridge the movie

Memories of Myra, the movie, including a sexy film clip (688K in QuickTime)

See the original trailer for Myra Breckinridge in RealAudio or QuickTime (your choice at the site).

Another Myra B. site, with excerpts from the novel.

Here's an elaborate site dedicated to Vidal's film Caligula, a film he has disowned

Vidal's Internet Movie Database entry

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