Gore Vidal


by Harry Kloman

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Gore Vidal 101
(Three Credits)

Here are some study guides for several of Vidal's works (abbreviated versions free, full versions for a fee)

John Cotter wrote this thoughtful essay about Vidal's essays

FEATURED PAGE: PBS recently aired a documentary on Vidal

Watch numerous video clips from the documentary The Education of Gore Vidal, the PBS documentary

Here's a study guide to go with the documentary

Doug Ireland reviews a book about Vidal and with recaps Vidal's life (with weblog notes following)

A review of Marcie Frank's scholarly study of Vidal

A review of Dennis Altman's book about Vidal

Vidal's name has some amusing anagrams within it

Vienna University offers a complete course on Gore Vidal

Here are 10 study guide questions for Vidal's Inventing a Nation

A British astrologer has done Vidal's chart in copious detail

Here's another very detailed astrological chart for Vidal

And here's another version of Vidal's astrological chart - in French!

From the FEC, here is Vidal's very short list of campaign contributions to politicians

A good partial bibliography

Vidal and the McVeigh execution

The Nation publishes a look back at The City and the Pillar

Here's another look at The City and the Pillar

Here's a classroom study guide for Visit to a Small Planet

Hear how to pronounce Vidal (click the speaker)

In an interview, Kaplan discusses Vidal

Acerbic John Simon reviews Palimpsest

NY Times Archive of reviews and articles
and its mirror site (free registration may be required)

Here's Vidal's Columbia Encyclopedia entry

And here's his entry in a literary encyclopedia, with bibliographic links

This online encyclopedia has a nice entry on Vidal

Every life has a story, if only briefly, on A&E's Biography

Vidal's biography in The Nation.

Here's another biographical sketch

A review of The Golden Age in London Review of Books

A review of the Kaplan biography in London Review of Books

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