The Gore Vidal Thumbnails

Looking for a good Gore Vidal book to read? Then spend some time looking over these thumbnail glimpses of his 29 published novels, two short story collections, six theatrical plays and numerous books of nonfiction (essay collections and two memoirs). These thumbnail pages contain a variety of cover illustrations from Vidal's books, some of which you can enlarge by clicking on them. A separate link in The Gore Vidal Index allows you to see the covers of Vidal's foreign translations.

To give Vidal's canon some order, I've grouped the thumbnails into sections. Each link below will take you to a new page of thumbnails. This list of links also will appear at the bottom of each page for easy movement from page to page.


The Early Fiction: 1946-1956

The Pseudonyms: 1950-1954

The Later Fiction: 1962-2006

The American Chronicles: 1967-2000

Works for the Theater: 1956-1972

Essays, Interviews and Memoirs: 1963-Present

Writing About Vidal: 1951-Present


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