IEEE MDM 2015 - NSF Travel Fellowship program


This grant aims into supporting the participation of studens in the 16th International Conference of Mobile Data Management to be held in Pittsburgh, PA in June 2015. MDM encompasses a broad aspect of mobility and as such, it brings together researchers from databases, networking and ubiquitous and pervasive computing. MDM also helps in building partnerships between academia and industry in the research and development of mobile data management. This is an extremely crucial area with the exponential growth of data generated from mobile devices. This year in particular, the theme of the conference is the Internet of Things (IoT) and Mobile Cloud Computing. We expect that the increased activity on these topics will lead to yet another exciting program as in the previous years.
The conference provides opportunities for exciting discussions on topics of mobile data management. Apart from the research paper presentations, there will be presentations from the industry and demo sessions that showcase the practical aspects of the conducted research, as well as tutorials, workshops and panel discussions on emerging topics. We believe that all these activities will foster the interactions between young and senior researchers through discussions and feedback.

Application Process

The application process can be found here and it was widely advertised in DBWORLD, TCCC and MyCollegues among other mailing lists.

Project Outcomes

There were 18 students in total that were supported by this grant. Two of them are females, while one of them is an undergraduate student. The students awarded the travel grant provided a short report for their experience. They all identified their interactions with other researchers the main benefit from participating in the conference. They expressed their belief that their participation helped them obtain different viewpoints for their research.