Teaching Kids to Cope with Stress

Dr. Puskar's research focuses on the effect of stress on adolescents and the effectiveness of various coping strategies adopted by this population. She plans to enlarge her study of how the stress of family relocation is related to anxiety and depression; she also hopes to develop recommendations for interventions to ease such stress and help adolescents develop effective coping skills.


Teaching Kids to Cope (TKC©)   Forward    The aim of the group experience is to promote and maintain mental health in adolescents. This aim will be met through lecture, group discussions, role playing, brainstorming, handouts, group projects, and practice of problem-solving skills. Typical session topics will include: learning to trust, developing a positive self image, identifying life stresses, and identifying positive and negative ways of coping with stress. Specific techniques for positive coping will be practiced in the group in relation to such stresses as family relationships, school problems, and peer relationships.
TKC© is:

 Please feel free to contact Dr. K. Puskar at (412) 624-6933 or krp12+@pitt.edu for additional information. Supporting members of the TKC© team, all from the University of Pittsburgh's School of Nursing, are Jacqueline Lamb, Ph.D, RN; Susan M. Sereika, Ph.D; Kathleen Tusaie-Mumford, MSN, RN, CS.

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