International Workshop "Advances in Nonlinear Science"

Department of Mathematics, University of Pittsburgh
March 14 - 16, 2013

The workshop will be held in the framework of 2013 Theme Semester on Game Theory and PDEs at the University of Pittsburgh. It aims to bring together leading researchers in nonlinear partial differential equations, both on the applied and theoretical sides, with an emphasis of the Theme Semester. The main topics range from the classical regularity theory, to the deterministic game theoretic interpretation of motion by mean curvature and other PDEs, aspects of mathematical biology pertaining to the organization of matter in space and time, and signal processing and computational science, including as well: random tug-of-war games, stochastic homogeneization, viscosity solutions, numerical solutions of non-linear PDE, and symmetrization.

Keynote Speakers:

Emmanuele DiBenedetto , Vanderbilt University
On the Local Behavior of Non-Negative Solutions to a Logarithmically Singular Equation

Robert V. Kohn , New York University
A variational perspective on wrinkling patterns in thin elastic films

Lakshminarayanan Mahadevan , Harvard University
Motion and stasis in cellular suspensions and self-propelled swarms

Gilbert Strang , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Exponentials of Difference Matrices : Heat Equation and Wave Equation

Plenary Speakers:

Luca Capogna , University of Arkansas
Regularity for subelliptic PDE through uniform estimates in multi-scale geometries

Fausto Ferrari , University of Bologna (Italy)
Geometric inequalities and semilinear equations in Carnot groups

David Hartenstine , Western Washington University
Statistical Functional Equations and p-Harmonic Functions

Juan J. Manfredi , University of Pittsburgh
Mean value properties: Old and New

Adam Oberman , McGill University (Canada)
Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations and p-harmonic functions on graphs

Julio D. Rossi , University of Alicante (Spain)
Discontinuous gradient constraints and the infinity Laplacian

Matthew Rudd , Sewanee University
Statistical exponential formulas for geometric diffusion

Eero Saksman , University of Helsinki (Finland)
Harnack for p-harmonic functions via games

David Saunders , University of Waterloo (Canada)
Derivatives Pricing, Risk Measurement and Portfolio Selection under Model Uncertainty

Charles K. Smart , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Scaling limits of the Abelian Sandpile

Yifeng Yu , University of California Irvine
Flame front quenching and homogenization of a non-convex and non-coercive Hamilton Jacobi equation

The Workshop will begin at 9am on Thursday and will end at lunchtime on Saturday. The schedule of the Workshop will be available in March.
A block of rooms has been reserved in Holiday Inn Pittsburgh University Center at a discounted price $138.00 plus tax. To make a reservation, please call the Reservations Coordinator Ms. Lauren Cahill at 412-682-6259 (or 412-682-6200). The deadline is February 1.

Funding for this Workshop has been kindly provided by the Mathematics Research Center at the University of Pittsburgh , the National Science Foundation , and the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications .

The poster can be downloaded by clicking on the image in the right hand side.

The organizing committee consists of: Xinfu Chen , Marta Lewicka , Juan Manfredi and Dehua Wang .