Laura L. Lovett

To request a letter of recommendation:

As an undergraduate, I attended UCLA, a research university with, at that time, 35,000 students on campus. I understand how difficult it can be to make one's way through a large school and feel like your professors know enough about you to write robust letters of recommendation. I feel fortunate to teach at UMASS because I personally believe that I have not met a professor on campus here who does not care profoundly about teaching and connecting to students. Toward making sure that this perception of how important you are to me is clear in the time constraints and confines of applications for your future endeavors, I ask you to fill out this form and attach any pertinent information. You can send this to me electronically, or deliver it in person at my office.


Contact me by email so that we can discuss the request.


Fill out a Letter of Recommendation Request form.
Be certain that it is filled out completely, then return it to me in person, or deposit it in the box by my office door.
Be certain to attach all relevant materials.
Download a copy of the form by clicking here.


If the letter must be submitted electronically, be certain that I receive the exact email address or website address either from you or in an email sent out by the institution to which you are applying.


If there are any forms that must accompany the letter of recommendation, be certain to completely fill out your part of the forms, and be certain to check and sign the section in which you waive your right to see the letter.


I will get your letter off in time, but it never hurts to check in with me a few days before