Luca Rigotti

Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Economics, at the University of Pittsburgh
I am a theoretical microeconomist whose main interests are equilibirum outcomes in the presence of uncertainty and ambiguity. I have also an interest in behavioral and experimental economics. I have held positions in the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University and at Tilburg University, as well as visiting positions in the Department of Economics at Duke and U.C. Berkeley.
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Detectability, Duality, and Surplus Extraction. With Pino Lopomo and Chris Shannon. Journal of Economic Theory, Volume 204, September 2022.
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Uncertainty and Risk in Financial Markets: Econometrica, January 2005, Volume 73 Issue 1 pp. 203-243. With Chris Shannon. This version includes all proofs.

Working Papers
Revealed Incomplete Preferences. With Kirby Nielsen. May 2022.
Moral Hazard with Heterogeneous Beliefs. With Martin Dumva and Urmee Khan. October 2021.
The Experimenters' Dilemma: Inferential Preferences over Populations. With Neeraja Gupta and Alistair Wilson. July 2021.
Identification of Incomplete Preferences. With Arie Beresteanu. July 2021.
Uncertainty in Mechanism Design. With Pino Lopomo and Chris Shannon. December 2020. Revise and resubmit at Review of Economic Studies.
The sports league's dilemma: competitive balance vs incentives to win. With Frederic Palomino. CentER D.P. 2000-109 and UC Berkeley Economics Department WP E00-292.
Skills, Strategy, and Passion: an Empirical Analysis of Soccer. April 2000. With Frederic Palomino & Aldo Rustichini. An article on this paper appeared on The Economist of April 3, 1999 (pp. 68-69), under the title The Invisible Foot.
Decisive Entrepreneurs and Cautious Investors.

How to reach me:
Department of Economics, University of Pittsburgh
4115 Posvar Hall, 230 S. Bouquet Street
Pittsburgh, PA, 15260, USA
Phone:+1 (412) 648-1756
e-mail: luca at