Home page of Juan J. Manfredi

(Juanjo or NA0B or W3YI)

Note: This is a bilingual home page. Some things will be in English y otras en español.

Bienvenidos a mi telaraña electrónica.


Most of my publications are here (MathSciNet login needed.)

Cheers! Welcome to my home page. I am interested in partial differential equations, probability, and a bit of signal processing (pun intended). The University of Pittsburgh Calculus home page, related to instructional computing. Calculus at the University of Pittsburgh.

The QuasiWorld home page is a very old page related to my early research in mathematics (quasiregular mappings and PDE'S).

Send your e-mail to manfredi@pitt.edu . Here is the rest of my affiliation:

Department of Mathematics
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

voice:        +1 412 624 83 07
fax:          +1 412 624 83 97
twitter:      @na0b