Martin B.H. Weiss


My teaching portfolio currently consists of the following courses, which I teach in rotation:

  Introduction to Telecommunications (INFSCI 1070/TELCOM 2000)
  Telecommunications Industry and Regulation (TELCOM 2520)

To the extent possible, I teach using the case method or problem-based learning. I believe that these are superior instructional techniques that promote critical thinking and allow students to discover more aspects of the course than they are likely to through a heavily lecture-based technique.

On-line support for my courses exists on the University of Pittsburgh's Blackboard system. If you are interested in learning more about these courses and are not a registered, you can access much of the course material by logging in as a guest user. Please note that Pitt's Center for Instructional Development and Distance Education, which operates the Blackboard system, only keeps relatively recent course offerings available on line. A good sense of what is on my teaching agenda in the policy areas can be found through the blog that I write.