My Bio

I am a freshman at the University of Pittsburgh studying engineering. I will be declaring Environmental engineering as my major in the spring. Originally, I am from a small town outside of Gettysburg, PA called Arendtsville. Arendtsville has a population of about 500 people. I went to Biglerville high school and graduated first in my class. While at Biglerville I played varsity Football and Basketball.

When not in school, I enjoy hanging out with friends, playing golf, and fishing. In arendtsville, my house is right next to the conoewago creek, and often after work or school, I like to go fishing and relax. Recently, I got into fly fishing and really enjoy tying flies. My dad first introduced me to golf when I was twelve. At this time I wasn't good at golf and became frustrated easily. Then, when I was seventeen, my Dad reintroduced me to golf. This time I put more work into golf and became pretty good.

Over the summer, I have worked many jobs. This past summer I worked as a research lab assistant at the Penn State Fruit Research Extension Center in Biglerville, PA. At the Fruit Lab I did my own research project on tannin oxidation rates in hard cider. This research proved a debated theory in the hard cider industry. After my research was done, I was tasked with helping other horticulturists. I often thinned fruit, pruned trees, collected data, and preformed overall maintenance on the trees at the lab. In the past, I have worked on two farms during the summer. Usually this entailed long days of stacking hay and straw. Also I would take care of the animals (goats, cows, horsed, chickens, and pigs). When I was younger, I would train and ride the horses on these farms. Hopefully next year I can work at an engineering co-op.

Mason Unger
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