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Pittsburgh Registry of Infant Multiplets

PRIM records all multiple births occurring at Magee-Womens Hospital.  These children enable us to learn about causes of similarities and differences in our personality, interests, and physical development. 

Participants of this registry have access to new exciting information related to twins and twin studies as well as actively participating in some of them.  When a study is conducted, members are sent an invitation to participate and may be paid.  Participants will always have access to research results (unless it interferes with the study goals), because it is especially exciting to learn how twins develop. 

Twins and their parents are often asked to participate in research and find it interesting and enjoyable.  Sometimes it helps to guide the children toward better success.  By joining PRIM, members become a part of the team that is striving to improve children's development, prevent disease, and promote healthy living. 

The people who carry out this research are from the University of Pittsburgh and Magee-Womens Hospital


Contact Information

Michael Vanyukov, Ph.D.

PRIM Principal Investigator


University of Pittsburgh


Elizabeth Jenkins, B.S.

PRIM Study Coordinator

707 Salk Hall

Pittsburgh, PA 15261

(412) 648-8469


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