Michael Thompson

Professor of Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh


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Prof. Matthias Haase has recovered and edited the original German of a system of practical metaphysics hitherto known only through a rough English version:

Leben und Handeln Life and Action



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Here are a few manuscripts and penultimate drafts of papers and esoteric lambda terms that might be hard to find. Some other material appears on academia.edu

Apprehending Human Form
The final version appeared in a volume Modern Moral Philosophy, ed. A O’Hear.

What is it to Wrong Someone?
The final version appeared in a volume Reason and Value, eds. Smith, Pettit, Wallace and Scheffler.

Three Degrees of Natural Goodness
A short elucidatory note on Philippa Foot’s Natural Goodness.
It originally appeared in Italian translation in Iride, April 2003. There is a German translation in Natürlich gut, eds. Hoffmann and Reuter

Naive Action Theory
A chapter of my book is sometimes referred to in this rustic earlier version.

Haskell streaming library

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Readings for History of Ethics may be linked here


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