Getting Started: Windows

  1. Installing Python in Windows
  2. Python First Try
  3. Some Basic Configurations

Getting Started: Mac

  1. Installing Python on a Mac
  2. Python First Try

MyBringBack Video Tutorials

  1. Intro to Python and IDLE
  2. Arithmetic Operators
  3. Variables Assignment
  4. Introduction to Strings
  5. Interactive Script with input()
  6. Comments and Strings Expanded
  7. Introduction to Lists, Indexing
  8. List Slicing
  9. List Methods
  10. Built-in Functions
  11. Dictionaries
  12. Reading Text
  13. Writing Text to a File
  14. for Loops
  15. Conditional Loops with while
  16. Intro to Logic
  17. Logic and Conditionals Expanded
  18. Else If
  19. Defining Functions
  20. User-Built Modules

Additional Topics

 A1. String Methods 1
 A2. String Methods 2
 A3. Splitting and Joining Strings
 A4. Data Types and Conversion
 A5. Mutability
 A6. More on for Loops
 A7. User-defined Functions
 A8. Importing Modules
 A9. Sorting
A10. File Path and CWD
A11. File Reading & Writing Methods
A12. Pickling
A13. List Comprehension
A14. Regular Expressions
A15. More Functions and List Compr.


Think Python Book

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