Program For Genetics and Psychoses

Principal Investigator: Vishwajit L. Nimgaonkar









PRIIIA is a collaborative research training grant between the University of Pittsburgh in the United States and four premier research hubs in India.  The grant is funded by the National Institutes of Health and focuses on research-based training, intervention for cognitive dysfunction, and implementation research in the context of persons suffering from disorders of cognition.


Research hubs:

-Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Medical Sciences (ABVIMS) and Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital (RML), New Delhi, India:

-St. John's Medical College (SJMC), Bengaluru, India:

-Association for Health Welfare in the Nilgiris (ASHWINI), Tamilnadu, India:

-Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA), New Delhi, India:


How to apply?

A CV, essay, and interview are required by all applicants. Visit to apply.

For more information, please e-mail


Choose from two different training tacks:



A combination of didactic and local personalized training by international faculty designed to provide a strong foundation in research methodology and ethics, protocol, consent, and intervention-implementation research design. Training will take place in India.

Successful completion will lead to official program certification.

Who can apply?

Mental health practitioners, General practitioners, Medical graduates, Clinical Psychologists, Psychiatric Social workers, Psychiatric Nurses, and Neurologists in India.


A combination of national and international didactic training designed to provide a strong foundation in research methodology and ethics; protocol, consent, and research design; hands-on research and faculty mentoring.

Who can apply?

Long term trainees must be enrolled in a relevant Master's, MD / DM / PhD program with one of the four hub Institutions:

*We will consider trainee candidates from other institutions on a case-by-case basis.



The PRIIIA training program focuses on research-based training, intervention for cognitive dysfunction and implementation research in the context of persons suffering from disorders of cognition.

Our goal is not only to provide thorough training for psychiatric research, but also to build infrastructure that will continue to empower trainees, provide long-term support, and increase opportunities for intervention and implementation research in India. Building psychiatric research capacity will ultimately help to improve mental health outcomes in India.

Trainees participating in the program can expect to complete one of two training tracks: medium-term or long-term. Both tracks will require didactic course work covering material such as research methodology, implementation research, bioinformatics, research ethics, psychometric assessments, and much more.

After completion of the didactic coursework and drafting a research proposal, medium-term trainees will take a structured assessment and receive a certificate of successful completion of the program. Select medium-term trainees may have the opportunity to conduct a research project similar to long-term trainees. These few exceptional medium-term trainees will compete for the Advanced in Country Research Awards (AICRA) by submitting their research proposal for review and funding.

Long-term trainees must be registered for an academic program. Through PRIIIA, they will continue their training and have the opportunity to visit the University of Pittsburgh for additional mentorship, draft a study proposal, implement a study with the support and guidance of mentors in the field, and submit results for publication.

In addition to the required didactic work, both medium- and long-term trainees are encouraged to participate in 'granthathons' (Hawk, et al 2017) and workshops where hands-on skills will be taught and opportunities to network and collaborate with other trainees and professionals in the field will be available.

If you are interested in participating in this unique training program, please review the table below for more details regarding structure and requirements. If interested, please complete the application here before the deadline.






Mental health practitioners, general practitioners, medical graduates, clinical psychologists, psychiatric social workers, psychiatric nurses and neurologists

Must be enrolled in Masters, MD/DM/ PhD program


November 30th *Applications received after this date will be reviewed only if space is available

November 30th *Applications received after this date will be reviewed only if space is available

Duration / Status

6 months / Part-time, primarily online (evenings and weekends)

2 - 4 years / full time

Didactic Course work



Grantathon and Workshop participation



Protocol preparation and drafting



Advanced In Country Research Award Opportunity



Web-based exam



Possible University of Pittsburgh Visit



Research project implementation and manuscript submission

Not essential, but if interested will be mentored for publication.

Essential if awarded AICRA